Freires View Of The Banking Concept Against Mine

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Throughout my education I have experienced different ways in which teachers relate to students on different levels. I have had teachers that will be my best friends and teachers that don't even know my name. These different types of relationships are the reason that different methods of teaching are formed. Freire uses his essay to convey his feelings of the banking concept of education and the problem posing concept of education, which are two opposite teaching methods formed by the teacher student relationship. I see Freire's description of the banking concept of education as an extreme situation that would never occur in an actual classroom because students always form relationships with the teacher. Freire although says that in the banking concept students are just filled with the information and that no relationship is necessary. His problem posing view on the issue is to the other extreme, a free way of learning. I see this as an out of control method that would not give the students enough structure to learn the necessary material. His views on the problem posing method are that people can learn from just freedom and interaction, but I believe it needs structure and a base.The banking concept of education according to this essay describes students as mindless beings who live with the world but not in it. According to me students are never taught without connecting to the person teaching them. An experience of the banking concept I have encountered was with a calculus teacher who taught like a robot. Mr. Key never changed his daily teaching routine and would make students go through the same exercises every day. He would also never let students speak because each student was seen as a piece to the group. Students did not have individuality in his classroom. Even though Mr. Key was a terrible teacher, students connected with him. Students knew everything about him, the way he talked, moved, and even what he ate for lunch. The students in my class learned about this teacher and understood his teaching methods. This made the students get on to a similar level with the teacher. The students connected with the teacher, even if the teacher did not connect with them. In any class whether the teacher is amazing or awful, students will see how teachers truly are. Students will bond to teachers making the banking concept inaccurate. Students can express themselves when they can connect to the teacher and students can oppose information when they can see where the teacher is coming from. Once the barrier is broken separating the student teacher relationship, students can free themselves to question information given.Freire would tell you that the banking concept does not include any freedom. Students are objects that are taught without any discretion of the information given. He sees the banking method as a way of depositing information into one's mind. The way that he describes the banking concept is that no real contact is needed, for all he cares...

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871 words - 4 pages . "Education as the practice of freedom- as opposed to education as the practice of domination – denies that man is abstract, isolated, independent" (Freire 81p). In the book, Paolo Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed has a question with how education has been developed since the 20th century. Freire likens two views of education that are extant today, banking concept and problem-posing. The "banking" concept kills personalities and freedom choice of the

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