French Fashion Brands And Disigners Essay

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English2013HIGH SCHOOLSpeech: French fashion brands and designersMelissa Marengo Ojeda11th grade "S"French fashion brands and designersFrance has led the way throughout the last century in the world of fashion, cosmetics or perfumery. From high couture to a prêt à porter, from luxury perfumes to the most economical, the entire spectrum of France has been occupied by French companies, some of which are world leaders.So here is a brief overview of the many galas great economic potential companies that have inspired the fashion of other nations.Chanel, a woman who marked time in the French and European fashion:Coco Chanel was founded in 1908 by Mark Gabrielle Bonheur, and became throughout the twentieth century, a giant in the world of fashion. Create from perfume to makeup, from clothing to products for skin treatment. His style could say that combines luxury with elegance and competes strongly with other groups of great power as Louis Vuitton , Hermes or Christian Dior.Christian Dior, master teacher:Influential designer, one of whose students was Yves Saint Laurent . The brand that bears his name now belongs to the world leader LVMH sector. Under the signature of Dior eyewear, watches , clothing , perfumes and all kinds of luxury goods are designed, being more like a guarantee of quality .Throughout history it has had several distinguished art directors as Yves Saint Laurent , Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferre and John Galliano , but if anything characterizes this firm is that , despite the variety of designers , has preserved the essence of the brand.Lacoste , the brand of tennis:This company was founded in 1933 by the famous tennis player Rene Lacoste , nicknamed "the Crocodile " in a bid to win a bag of skin of this animal. This motto served as the founder to establish their brands logo .The garment...

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