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French Language And Culture Essay

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How French Cuisine has influenced Indian Hospitality Industry.India is a much invaded country. Over the centuries India has been a favorite destination for potential invaders because of its rich natural resources. This has resulted in many foreign influences on Indian culture. The uniqueness of Indian culture lies in the fact that it is very tolerant and very welcoming to foreign influences. Thus, Indian culture is a composite mix of various cultures from all over the world. This is also true of Indian cuisine.The cooking of India can tell much about the peoples of the country. It indicates that India is the fusion of the west and the east, in the most delicate and subtle ways. Its traditions are deep, as are its tolerance of foreign cultures. Accompanying India on its journey through a long history of invasions and occupations are its traditions. These traditions, along with the foreign cultures that have entered the stage that we now know as India, have created the spectacular palette of foods we know as Indian cuisine. Not only has India retained its traditions of Hinduism throughout the millennia, but has learned to take advantage of the foreigners that saw what the native peoples of India have known all along, India's richness in culture and resources. Unlike other cultures of the world where foreign influence diluted the existing culture, the peoples of India have learned to use their foreign visitors to their advantage, to enrich their own culture. Among the art forms that have been so influenced is the ancient art of Indian cooking. (Influences on Modern Indian Cooking- Moy A. , Witzel M.)The history of French ascendancy in the culinary arts can be traced to the Italians. As the 15th century dawned, the highest of Renaissance culture flourished at Florence. Prosperity that reached beyond the very small royal population lent itself to dining as entertainment, in which common foods were decorated and flavored not for the purpose of hiding food which was turning bad, but for emphasizing those flavors allowed by improved storage techniques and new discoveries in food preparation. (Hartman P. Historical Origins of French Cuisine.)Mushrooms, truffles, garlic, and otherwise infrequently used vegetables appeared - some of them carved artistically - while pasta creations became filled and layered (lasagne, ravioli, manicotti, etc), all of it accompanied, among the wealthy, with an expensive show of table finery, Venetian glassware, porcelain, and precious metals. An incredible assortment of pastries and sweet things would then follow these visual feasts. (Hartman P. Historical Origins of French Cuisine.But the French were largely ignorant of these things. This situation prevailed until the arrival of Catherine De Medici, the daughter of an Italian nobleman. She went on to become the Queen of France and the wife of King Henri II. She brought along with her cooks who were skilled in Florentine cooking. She brought fine cuisine to France. As a result...

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