French Revolution Western Civilization Long Island City High School Essay

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French revolution
Drowning with poverty
Lived short lives
Overwhelmed with rage & tension
Ordinary people paid taxed & upper class didn’t
King was forced to call the estates general: gave the people to voice their complaints
King & upper class rigged the votes
National Assembly consists of the delegates by the 96% to go the meeting (middle class people)
Violence is always produced by the class clinging to power in a revolution
King calls upon the military to attack, national assembly should be arrested
Bastille a jail or armoury warfare of weapons (2,000 people surrounded around the Bastille, so the army cannot get in) troops shot 200 people
In the French revolution the lower class was leading the way (in it from the start)
Women organized protests
Women were involved
July 1789 king called off the military assault saying he was agreeing to work with the national assembly
French rev is being led by the people in the street
Imposing taxes by increasing the amount on the 1st and 2nd state & reduced the amount for the 3rd estate
70% of men & that owned a certain of property were allowed to vote
Women were frustrated
Louis & Marie Antoinette on the same page & are communicating with their cousins preparing to return with power (counter attack to overthrow the national assembly)
National assembly expelled the church
King & queen wanted to cease power & will be executed because of treason
King & queen had little support which why they looked for support outside of the...

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