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Fren3390 Final Exam Review Fall 2013Exam 1:The group of people who inhabited modern-day France before the Romans were the Celts.The symbol that shows through the flames at the end of The Messanger is a cross.The name of modern France before and during the Roman occupation Gaul.The Roman Empire fell in 476 CE (or AD)Vercingetorix was the last Celtic leader to fight the Romans.The Franks (from what is today Germany) are the group from whom the name "France" comes.The older languages of langue d'oc and langue d'oïl (as well as modern-day French) come from Latin.8. Pepin, one of the first Carolingian kings, was elected (a Germanic practice).9. Pepin and his son Charlemagne were both "King of the Franks." Charlemagne was also the Emperor of the Romans.10. A characteristic/aspect, unique for the Middle Ages, of the Capetian family line is that the family had an 11-generation succession of father-to-son kings11. The spread and popularity of the French language during the Middle Ages was the result of spread of the chivalric romance by troubadours and trouvères; the rise of literature written in "vernacular" languages, such as "French"; and the spread of epic poems known as chansons de geste.12. During the early Middle Ages (and even before), power associated with land.13. Prior to the ascension to the throne in 1180 of King Philippe II Augustus, a Capetian, more of modern-day continental France was under the control of the English than under the control of the French; however, at the end of this French king's rule in 1223, only a small portion of modern-day continental France was under the control of the English king.14. The revolt of 1358 in the north of France where peasants attacked lords and burned castles is called la Jacquerie.15. More recent research indicates that the Black Plague of 1348 reduced the population in France (and in Europe) by as much as one-half.16. The purpose of the Crusades was to take control of the Holy Land from the Muslims.17. The end of the barbarian raids and the strengthening of cities as economic entities both contributed to the French Renaissance of the 12th Century?18. Another name for the next king of France during the Middle Ages is Le Dauphin.19. The Seige of Orléans marked the turn in favor of the French during the Hundred Years War.20. The French king Francis I (from the Orléans-Angoulême family) is seen as responsible for the influence of the Italian Renaissance in France.21. Under Richlieu's leadership in the 1630s - 1650s the French army grew from 12,000 men to 250,000 men, a growth which made the French army the preeminent army in Europe.22. Champlain traveled to the New World under King Francis I of France and established New France in Canada.23. Johannes Gutenberg invented moveable type in Europe.24. Joan of Arc serve Charles VII.25. Henry of Navarre was the first Protestant King.26. Protestants (aka Huguenots in France) were murdered during the St. Bartholomew Day...

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