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Biotechnology in its simplest form means using living things to produce something from raw materials. In its earliest form it was not very controversial. The use of bacteria to make yogurt and cheese, or the use of a special bacterium that kills worms feeding on plants. However, now when someone thinks of biotechnology the thought of splicing new genes and creating new organisms comes to mind. The latter is seen as more controversial because it involves human beings entering in and changing the genetic code, whereas earlier biotechnology involved using organisms in their natural states to aid in the creation or protection of something. Even when a gene-splicing job might have the same results as let's say creating a hybrid plant, the gene-splicing job will always be more controversial with some people. And food of course, since it goes into ones body and is digested creates a great controversy, when it is discovered that perhaps the genes of the food have been modified in a lab, and lets say a growth hormone from a pig has been inserted. In France, however people seem to react more negatively towards information like this and in general seem to be much less accepting to the use of genetically modified foods than the people of the United States. Their distrust of genetically modified foods can be linked to several things which include: a distrust in government, lack of knowledge about genetically modified foods, the image of the modern farm, and a large number of environmental conservationist. First, the French have little trust in their governmental bureaucracies. And when it comes to food safety, they have very little trust due to the outbreak of mad cow disease, which the French seem to blame on their government for not putting in safeguards to protect them against such a horrible disease. This mistake by the French government has caused the people of France to lose trust in the government's ability to determine what is safe (Joly and Lemarie 3). Also, this public outcry has caused the French government to have a moratorium on genetically modified foods, because no elected official wants to lose votes because of support for genetic engineering. This has a negative effect on public perception too, because even though the public does not trust the government to have the public's interests in mind when it comes to safety, they have the general impression that when something is indeed banned it must be really unhealthy. Another contributing factor to the French distrust of genetically engineered foods is that they are not well informed and educated on the subject, although this is not only a French problem, it is a contributing factor to their distrust. In France, the secondary schools focus on a liberal arts curriculum and don't teach much about genetics and technology, leaving the student without a great deal of knowledge in the field of genetics (Dobloff). As a progression of this, most of what is known about genetically modified...

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