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Frequency Data Essay

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As a student of Saint Leo, it is our responsibility to uphold and utilize our core values. The core vale of “Excellence” states as follows, “All of us, individually and collectively, work hard to ensure that our students develop the character, learn the skills, and assimilate the knowledge essential to become morally responsible leaders” (Florida Catholic University). Using and creating opinions on data leaves one vulnerable to data fraud and other unethical qualms. In order to uphold the integrity and core value of “Excellence” we must be sure to provide accurate and honest representations of data that are provided.
When looking at the data from the following chart, one can appreciate ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately, other than showing that the data is nominal ordinal data, we are forced to have to use simple mathematics to determine other valuable information. This information could be important when one is in a hurry to get the information provided as swiftly as possible.
Being able to quickly determine and distinguish this material can help one to make decisions quicker and more effectively. Looking at the following cumulative frequency chart, one can promptly determine the total number of grades that were examined.
Student scores on previous test (Interval, Continuous) Frequency Cumulative Frequency
100 1 1
95 1 2 (=1+1)
90 3 5 (=2+3)
80 6 11 (=5+6)
70 3 14 (=11+3)
60 1 15 (=14+1)

Charts such as the above are extremely helpful in being able to quickly break down information without much thought. If asked how many students scored an 80 or above, one can simply look at the “Cumulative Frequency” column and tell that 11 students scored an 80 or higher. Furthermore, one can quickly determine what the total number of grades that were examined by looking at the final row of the “Cumulative Frequency” column. Without having to do any form of addition, the reader can determine that there were a total of 15 scores that were examined. Finally this chart goes on to tell us that the information collected is “Continuous Interval” data at the first row and column.
Another important chart that can be made from the aforementioned data is a Relative Frequency...

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