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Frequency Spectrum Management Essay

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The management of a communications suite will be changing over the next 10 years due to a 2010 Presidential Memorandum directing the Secretary of Commerce, working through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), to collaborate with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to make a total of 500 megahertz of Federal and nonfederal spectrum available for mobile and fixed wireless broadband use. The reallocation of the frequency spectrum will nearly double the amount of the commercial spectrum and should spur investment, economic growth, and job creation while supporting the growing demand by consumers and businesses for wireless broadband services (National Telecommunications & Information Administration, n.d.).
The need to reallocate the frequency spectrum by the FCC and NTIA is necessary due to the expansion of digital wireless communications. A digital wireless communications circuit requires four times the bandwidth of an analog wireless communications circuit. The shift to digital television, satellite TV, HD TV, and the increase in cell phone usage and cell phones with data plans have been the leading cause for the need to reallocate the frequency spectrum.
The radio spectrum has become a natural resource that has traditionally been managed by administrative processes through government institutions. Technical and marketplace changes have created an environment of faster decision making and an increased economic importance for radio based services. Countries around the world are investigating, experimenting, and implementing alternative ways to manage the frequency spectrum. Wireless technology delivers information to individuals with cell phones, portable laptops, and tablet computers outfitted with a wireless service provider as well as to fixed locations where a land-based infrastructure is not feasible due to the environment and location of the fixed site. Radio based systems provide modern telecommunications services throughout the United States and creates a culture of efficiency unlike any other product or resource available to a corporation or individual.
The Presidents Vision
Last year, the President released a memorandum stating “America's future competitiveness and global technology leadership depend, in part, upon the availability of additional spectrum. The world is going wireless, and we must not fall behind” (Obama, 2010). In the 1990s, America started a revolution in technology which was led by investments from American companies and the public sector in a communications infrastructure that is now known as the internet. The economic life of almost every American who owns a small business or individual entrepreneurs have become reliant on the Internet due to the unprecedented opportunities for which it makes available. The President continues by declaring “We are now beginning the next transformation in information technology: the wireless broadband revolution” (Obama,...

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