Freshmen And Depression: Talk About It

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As a freshman in college it is normal to have the “blues” or become homesick. More than likely you’re away from home and out on your own for the first time in your life. Therefore it is okay to feel sad or out of place from time to time. Lately, however, these blues have manifested themselves and turned into to full blown depression. The number of freshmen dealing with depression is steadily rising with each set of incoming freshmen. According to the American College Health Association (ACHA), the percentage of college students diagnosed with depression has increased 56 percent in the last six years. Many freshmen are unable to cope with the challenge and pressure that college tends to put on them. According to Doctor Michael D. Yapok “unfortunately adolescents are the most rapidly growing group that suffers from depression” That depression is often triggered by leaving a structured home life, high school friends and relationships for a college life where students have to make their own decisions.
Depression comes from the Latin word deprimere meaning ‘to press down.’ it is defined as “hallow, low spirits, dejection or despondency.” Students dealing with depression may find it very difficult to complete tasks that they normally do. Depression not only affects how one feels, but it also affects how one thinks about things, their energy levels, their concentration, ones sleep and even their interest in their relationships. If a student is depressed they tend to lose interest in things that they once loved to do. Like play football, run track, etc. They often don’t want to get out of bed, shower, or even associate with friends. They isolate themselves from the world and tend to mope around all day. You may hear them refer to them selves as a failure or even say that their life is not worth living.
I recently walked around Bethune-Cookman’s campus and took a survey asking random freshmen how often they had felt depressed while being here. I was shocked to hear that 8 out of the 10 freshmen I surveyed admitted to showing symptoms or suffering from depression. Many college freshmen tend to suffer from depression and don’t even know it or they just won’t admit it. They often turn to drugs and alcohol to deal with their problems. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that drugs only provide a temporary high and alcohol is a depressant which only makes the situation worsen. Take Leavenworth College Senior Melissa Farr who has been suffering from depression on and off her entire college career. Farr had a tough time settling in with roommates, broke up with her boyfriend of three years and was experiencing hormone problems. She stated “For the longest time I was just kind of naïve and sugarcoating everything and not wanting to say ‘Look, cut the crap; there’s something wrong.” Sadly, the problem is there are many students who are either ashamed or don’t want to admit that they have a problem; and Like Melissa they too tell themselves they are...

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