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Have you ever felt like there needs to be a more personalized way of learning, tailored to your needs? Many other student across the world agree with you. Sometimes, when the normal high school curriculum evolves into something that does not fit you, you need to discover other options. Even though there is currently not enough funding for this idea schools should change to personalized learning because it gives students more control of their schooling, more options for what kind of schooling they receive, and enables them to find out how they learn best.

You’re Giving Me An Option?

When a student has more control over his/her learning, they can become more successful and responsible in school (“Competency”). Many states such as New Hampshire, Michigan, and Ohio have set plans in place to further benefit their students and the success rate of teaching (“Competency”). Those plans include items that relate to issues that many students suffer with in school such as, time management, flexibility, and other ways to graduate that do not involve a traditional high school experience (Revermann). When students are given these plans to guide off they become more successful because a program, in company with their parents, is helping them to become responsible students, capable of attaining their goals of graduating (“Competency”). Another option that some states are offering, is a plan where students develop a one-on-one relationship with their teachers and fellow classmates, to form a study group where everyone can receive the proper help that they need (Headden).

College? Maybe It’s Not For Me

This quote stated by Harold L. Sirkin states it all. “College isn’t for everyone-but work is, or should be” Just this quote by itself relates to many students who feel that college is not made for them (Revermann). In addition to that statement, other students also feel like the line of work they want to pursue does into require a college education (Sirkin). In many states across the nation, state-lawmakers are changing how high schools are set up and are arranging for new vocational high schools to be funded (Sirkin). These changes...

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