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Freshwater Export:A Curse To Canada Essay

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Water is vital to everyone’s existence here on earth. It contributes to how we live, from the way we eat to how our day is completed and run. Without it, we cannot survive. In Canada, freshwater has been one of the natural resources that we are abundant with, and to which we allow great importance for future generations’ use (Katz, 2010). However, some people in the government and in big businesses want to sell and export Canada’s freshwater sources to various other countries, mainly for economic reasons. One of these countries is its neighbour, the United States (, 2007). It shall be a mistake if they will proceed with this, and grave consequences will result from exporting freshwater. These consequences include changes in the quality of water, an increase in toxic levels, and destruction of species’ habitations. Freshwaters in Canada should be highly preserved and sustained in order for future generations to savour that gift completely.
Freshwaters here in Canada are a widely enjoyed natural resource and should not be exported elsewhere. They have been said to be “the most important natural resource to the country’s future” (Katz, 2010). Canadian freshwaters are in areal size, 1.2 million square kilometres (37,151 square metres per capita) and count for 20% of the world’s lake water (Katz, 2010 and Clarke, 2008). Freshwaters here in Canada are mainly used for Thermal power. Its other uses include Industry, domestic/municipal, and agriculture (Simpson, 2003). They also provide health benefits to humans through free access to clean potable water, which in turn protects them from water-borne sicknesses, and dehydration. Also, it benefits ecosystems through providing habitats to fishes, plants, aquatic birds, and amphibians (Simpson, 2003).Some politicians and business people however are interested in distributing our freshwater to other countries, the United States in particular (, 2007). The reason behind this initiative is due to the water crisis that the US is suffering, as predicted by the Urban Council. If this will happen, wide-scale contamination might happen such as mercury contamination, disruption of local ecosystems, and damaging natural habitat (Clarke, 2008).
Freshwater exportation is a big threat to Canada’s fresh water supply because of its damaging actions. For instance, the impact of water...

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