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Freudian Concepts In Stephenie Meyer's Twilight

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In this essay I will apply some concepts of Sigmund Freud in Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.
First I will discuss about Oedipus complex,which consists in the son’s desire to possess his mother and to be closely aligned to her.This idea derived from Oedip,who killed his father and married his mother.
This concept I will apply to Edward Cullen,whose mother died before he became a vampire,because of Spanish influenza.He is tormented by the ideea that she left him so quickly,and Edward Cullen lost his fulcrum and his center of life.He can’t take any sexual relationship with Bella because of this unresolved feelings toward his mother,which were transfered in the vampirehood.Edward Cullen suffers a mother fixation,and that means that he loves her mother so much,that he subconsciously considers Elizabeth|(his mother) as an idol,keeping respect to all the womens that he meets in vampirehood. For example,Edward saves Bella from a car accident,exposing his powers to a common public(superhuman speed and strength),and declares Bella his love:
“And so the lion fell in love with the lamb..." he murmured. I looked away, hiding my eyes as I thrilled to the word.
"What a stupid lamb," I sighed.
"What a sick, masochistic lion."
Edward found in Bella the image of his mother,and he prefers to protect her ,to feel her safe rather than pervert her.This issue is common for man with Oedip complex.Bella is human,has a warm heart and they are incompatible as long as Edward is from another world .This result from the cover of the book,where is shown an apple,but with symbolical valence.It represents the forbidden fruit:
“The fruit of the knowledge of good and evil”(Stephenie Meyer about Twilight)
Edward was influenced by the old society where he lived when he was a vampire.It build an unconscious dependence of his mother and he lost this relationship leaving him with this sexual anxiety.
Freud talks about Oedip complex on fenimin characters and is names Electra complex.I will apply this concept to Bella,who moves to Fork to live with her father,Charlie.
We can see in the entire book that Bella has a strength relationship with his mother and leaves her to start over with her new boyfriend.Than it happends a transfer of affection from mother to father,although it occurs much later.
Another concept of Freud is The interpretation of dream.It is about our deep desires and wishes that are reveales in our dreams unconsciously.After Edward breaks up with Bella(In New Moon),She feels alone and turn into a deep depression,having terrible nightmares.
”I always had nightmares now, every night. Not nightmares really, not in the plural, because it was always the same nightmare. You'd think I'd get bored after so many months, grow immune to it. But the dream never failed to horrify me,and only ended when I woke myself with screaming. Charlie didn't come in to see what was wrong anymore, to make sure there was no intruder strangling me or something like that—he was used to it now. “

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