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Friar Lawence To Blame For The Deaths Of Romeo And Juliet English Essay

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Friar Lawrence to blame
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In the book Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, the long lasting family feud between two families makes it very difficult for two star-crossed lovers to be together. By falling in love with the enemy, many actions and decisions are made so they can be together but end up backfiring atrociously. The actions and decisions in this book that were made by everyone involved were terrible, but the one person to me who was supposed to be the adult and help them, Friar Laurence. The death of Romeo and Juliet could have been avoided if Friar Laurence wasn’t there to feed them bad ideas and plans, aiding them in the process.
A big reason that contributed to their deaths is the wedding. Friar told them he would perform the wedding and he did. He let them just marry without their parents knowing or anyone else. He led them to believe that it could work and be a good thing. After only knowing each other two days. At the beginning, Friar thought that "...this alliance may so happy prove/ to turn your households' rancor to pure love." (II IV 91-92) This shows that Friar little hope that the marriage could possibly work. But as time moves on, Friar starts having regrets about the marriage. Friar thinks that "too swift arrives as tardy as too slow." (II VI 15) So it means that Friar thinks that this whole wedding is happening too fast and starts to have second thoughts.
The second reason that contributed to their deaths was him giving Juliet the plan with the poison. He told her it would work and it was a great plan, so she did it. Having an adult say something like that to you makes you believe it. He made it sound like it was a perfect plan with no flaws to it. So he gave her the poison and told her to drink it and he would let Romeo know. She did, but instead of him travelling the distance to tell Romeo himself, he goes ahead and has a message delivered by someone else. That should have been his number one priority. He needed to carry the plan out...

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