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Friar Lawrence In Shakespeare´S Romeo And Juliet

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The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet was a turning point in the city of Verona. It was the only thing that could bring peace between the disputing families of the star crossed lovers, the Capulets and the Montagues. The tragic end to their short life not only caused a new type of understanding amongst the families, but it brought up a new thought; who is directly responsible for the sequence of events? The most obvious answer is the feuding families but, there is one character who always had a plan for Romeo and Juliet. That character is Friar Lawrence, the master mind behind every move, large or small. Friar Lawrence is directly at fault for Romeo and Juliet’s death.
Friar Lawrence is at fault for the Romeo and Juliet’s death because he proposed the dangerous plan of giving the “poison” to Juliet when she threatened to commit suicide. In Act 4 Scene 1 Friar Lawrence says, “Thou has the strength to “slay” thy self… take thou this vial, being then in bed… a cold and drowsy humor; for no pulse shall keep his native progress.” (Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet 4.1, 73, 95, 98-99.) When Friar Lawrence gives the potion, Juliet drinks it later at night and is found supposedly dead by the Nurse. The word of Juliet’s death spreads all the way to Mantua by Balthasar, Romeo’s serving man, who tells Romeo of that Juliet’s death. Romeo, when hearing this news wants to kill himself since he does not want to live without his love by saying to the Apothecary, “…let me have a dram of poison, such soon-speeding gear…” (Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet 5.1, 1-64.) When Romeo arrives at the tomb where Juliet lays, he drinks the poison and kills himself. (Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet 5.3, 119-120.) These events would not have happened if Friar Lawrence did not offer Juliet the sleeping potion, which would cause a domino effect in just a few hours leading up to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Therefore, Friar Lawrence is responsible for the lovers’ death. But Friar Lawrence conducted other inexcusable actions that would also contribute to their deaths.
The second reason why Friar Lawrence is at fault for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet because he trusted another Friar, Friar John, to relay his message to Romeo. The letter was quote, “full of charge ” and consisted information saying that Juliet is okay and is not dead, just sleeping. (Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet 5.2, 13-15, 18.) When Friar John returned, he told Friar Lawrence quote, “I could not send it… here it is again…” (Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet 5.2, 14.) Friar John, who was caught up in his own actions when assisting another Friar in a house with the plague, was held back by health officials from relaying the letter because he was suspected of having the contagious disease. (Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet 5.2, 5-12, 15-16.) If Friar Lawrence had delivered the message on his own, his message of “charge” would have made it to Romeo and would not be stuck in Verona with Friar John and himself. The failure, would also...

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