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Friday The 13th: Jason Voorhees, A Horror Icon

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He drowned as a child, neglected by camp counselors. It was a terrible loss, and the start to a horrific series of killings. People have tried to escape. It was only a matter of time though, they were either curious and died early or hid and it was only a little longer before they were slain. I believe the main character in Friday the 13th, Jason Voorhees, is insane because for one, he was born mentally disabled, but also because of his mother’s actions. Also I believe this horror icon has endured as a popular Halloween outfit, and because the producers just won’t let the series go, finally they have improved the quality of the films over the years.
This movie, Friday the 13th, had me wondering and kept me guessing the whole time. It opened with Jason Voorhees drowning in Crystal Lake, while the camp counselors were paying no attention. Jason’s mother was devastated and furious at the leaders of the camp. She blamed them for murdering her son and killed them in vengeance. She also convinced Jason to seek vengeance on everyone who did drugs or had premarital sex; these were the types of activities that distracted the counselors. Years later, a group of teenagers sign up to help rebuild and work at the same camp. They needed a summer job, but this is not what they planned on. Jason’s mother finds out they are going to open the camp again, unexpectedly she strikes. She is under no circumstances going to let anyone reopen this camp. Mrs. Voorhees kills all of them except one girl, who managed to escape multiple situations. The girl had to result in beheading the psychopath with a machete.
My overall end thought after watching this movie was that movie production really has improved since 1980. Improvements other than just technical improvements, like newer cameras and lenses, but directing and acting are much better also. In the 1980 version of Friday the 13th, Mrs. Voorhees only had to swing a knife competently killing any one of the innocent, with a rehearsed yelp, a surprised facial expression, and a little ketchup or red food coloring. One part of the movie was especially ridiculous. It was at the end; there was one final camp leader left. She had nothing else to do but kill the mad-woman. She effortlessly picked up a machete and loosely slung it at the psycho decapitating her, sending her head to the ground like a rag doll; far too easy. The graphics and acting overall were displeasing to watch, but then it was from 1980 while it is 2011 now.
My thoughts of the actual theme were not as bad, yet still not positive. The story was interesting at the beginning, but as the movie progressed it came down to teenagers getting spooked by a noise and innocently going to check it out, then ending up dead. The director and producer of the 1980s version made a poor quality film, but started a new era and genre of movies, known as “slasher” films. These films are often considered exploitation films, because they frequently use low...

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