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Friedman Family Health Assessment And Plan Of Care

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Family Health Assessment and Plan of Care
Family health is receiving substantial attention in the contemporary decades, following a growing number of unpredicted health issues. Family health assessments have become common techniques within the health care systems across the world to promote good health. Nursing Family assessment and intervention models have been developed in to assists nurses and families to identify the family issues and develop the best.
Friedman Family Health Assessment
A Friedman assessment was conducted in the Smith family. Following the model guideline, the data was identified and developmental stages, family history, environmental data, family structure, family ...view middle of the document...

The family’s nationality is American and their religious affiliation is Roman Catholic but rarely do they attend church services. The family’s social status is middle class and use most of their free time together as family. They enjoy watching movies, visiting national parks and playing board games.
Developmental Stage and History of the Family
Joe ancestors are from England. His grandparents migrated from Great Britain to United Stated in the late 1800. Linda has Native American lineage. They are in middle adulthood according to Erickson’s developmental stages. This stage involves generativist versus stagnation where the task here is to affect culture and convey values of the culture through the family and working to institute a stable environment. According to Erickson (Friedman, 2009), people in this stage often fear inactivity and meaninglessness. In this stage children leave their parents homes and the parents shift their focus from the children to themselves and in most cases they undergo through a midlife crisis. For Joe and Linda, one child is in school while the other has graduated and has moved from his parent’s home. Joe has transformed his son’s bedroom into an office. The family is helping their son to settle down in Fort Lauderdale as well as preparing his forthcoming wedding due next year. Though the mother is busy with his work, she has maintained a close relationship with her children as they talk through the phone on daily basis.
Environmental Data
Environmental assessment revealed that the family home is about 20 years old and is a small size home with an extra extension onto the backyard. The house has strong locks on all the doors and windows to prohibit any undesired entry. The family locks all the doors and windows when leaving home as well as when going to bed. The house is adequately ventilated and insulated allowing proper flow of air in the house. Joseph’s family has lived in Palm Beach County all their lives since they got married. The neighborhood is very clean and quiet with no history of drug abuse or violence. The family is in close contact with their neighbors and as they attend public celebration organized every summer.
Family Structure and Functions
The family has excellent communication patterns. Family members communicate easily when playing board games or watching movies during the weekends when the children are at home. When children are away, communicating with them is done through the phone and Skype as well as face to face during the weekends and holidays. There are differences in interactions as the mother is more open and close to the children than the father, but they both work together as parent to provide the best values and education to their children. The family divides the roles equally, since the children are away, the father performs outside chores like gardening while the mother performs house chores like cooking and cleaning. Decision making is democratic...

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