Friedrich Nietzche Regarding His Theory 'god Is Dead'.

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The Truth Is Not Out ThereFriedrich Nietzsche has perhaps been the most influential thinker of the 19th and 20th century. When Nietzsche proclaimed, "God is dead", it echoed around the whole world. His most famous works include The Birth of Tragedy, Ecce Homo, Beyond Good and Evil, Human, All Too Human, The Gay Science, and A Genealogy of Morals, in which he questions traditional thinking, religion, music, rationality and irrationality, culture, and ultimately the morals of mankind. Nietzsche as a man is a topic of debate for scholars everywhere. Every thinker has his or her own Nietzsche, as created by his letters, writings, and ultimately the manner of his downfall. Nietzsche's own view of himself is an even harder topic to grasp. To Nietzsche, rejection of "truth", which is tainted by society, customs, culture, and religion, was held sacred above all else. He upheld this sacred ideal in all aspects of his life, from his writings, to even his descent into madness. Nietzsche is most famous for his quote "God is dead", from The Gay Science, which to many is a rejection of traditional and classical views regarding the way man's moral system works. He rejects classic organized religion, morals, tradition, and instead tried to focus on a more natural system of living one's life. Nietzsche, in his book Beyond Good and Evil quotes:"It is probable that we too have still our virtues, although naturally they are not those sincere and massive virtues on account of which we hold our grandfathers in esteem and also at a little distance from us. We Europeans of the day after tomorrow, we firstlings of the twentieth century - with all our dangerous curiosity, our multifarious ness and art of disguising, our mellow and seemingly sweetened cruelty in sense and spirit - we shall, presumably, if we must have virtues, have only those which have come to agreement with our secret and heartfelt inclinations, with our most ardent requirements: well, then, let us look for them in our labyrinths! - Where as we know, so many things lose themselves, so many things get quite lost!" (Beyond Good and Evil section 201)Here Nietzsche questions mans morals and states that the morals that society holds sacred must fit in with beliefs, customs, culture, what our grandfathers believed, and ultimately that perhaps virtues are not a physical entity, but perhaps construed by man. This type of free thought and questioning is perhaps what makes Nietzsche the most influential thinker of the twentieth century.First off, perhaps Nietzsche's life influenced this search for the destruction of the truth. To try and understand Nietzsche as a man, rather than merely analyze his writings, is to better understand Nietzsche. Friedrich Nietzsche was born on October 15th, in Saxony. Nietzsche came from a long line of Lutheran clergymen; his father was a Lutheran pastor. Two years later, on July 10, 1846, Elizabeth Nietzsche was born; she would have a profound impact on his life. Three years later,...

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