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Friend Bio Essay

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Agostino Scanu10 September 2014Maria hofmanEnc1101My name is Brandon Caudillo and I'm 18 years old. I'm not the luckiest of men nor am I the smartest, but who is? I've learned over time that ignorance can overpower knowledge in some cases. I have many stories to tell about all the crappy things that have happened to me. I try to learn from them but sometimes not learning from your mistakes can give you an advantage over the other. I'm no expert at life and life itself isn't something you can become a professional at. I'm a very respectable person and I try my hardest to keep that title. My friends are great when it comes to helping me out, and just being there for me when I need them. Agostino has been there for me since we met each other in marching band. I played bass and he was in pit playing all sorts of instruments. We became a team of unwitted less fortunate neighborhood brats that would get in trouble for the stupidest things. One time we were just having fun with our imagination, using invisible rope and a whole lot of acting. We would stand in the middle of the street and wait for a car to approach us and then we would run to opposite sides and pretend we were pulling it across. I would yell things from the top of my lungs like "hurry up, pull harder!!" The reactions from the people were way too funny especially in the ghetto of Delray. Some would yell " You f*****'s!!" "Stop that bullshit" at one point we had a school bus at a complete stop; it was beeping its horn and held up traffic. We "held" the rope tight and didn't move! Cars behind the bus started beeping and it was a mess!! All I can remember is hearing the rusty squeal of the accordion doors opening, and seeing at the corner of my eye a slinky grunt looking bus driver, whose facial hair looked like it hasn't been touched since the 60's. At this point I'm just staring right at him, ago ran off and didn't even say one word until he got to the end of the block with his distinct high pitch raspy voice says "run bro! Run!" I slowly put my hands up as if I were caught by the police from robbing a bank. The driver smirks at me only revealing 4 teeth and two of them were capped with gold. As he drives by I keep my hands up and just stare at him, feeling hypnotized by the old man. Now I'm left on the side walk with my hands up and the rest of the cars whizzing by some flicking me off others still beeping! You see that's my tragic flaw, I freeze up in bad situations. I'm so shocked sometimes that my body doesn't know how to interpret those notions. Usually people react to certain things by their emotions, like run, hide, you know they play off of what they are feeling. I on the other hand, literally get stiff and mute. Almost like...

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