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Friends Forever Not Essay

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Every morning i would wake from a dreadful nightmare. Miriams inert body, draped in white sheets on the floor, her face expressionless, crowds of people with tear stained faces and her favourite flower ,the tulip threaded onto strings and placed neatly on top of her body...and always the scent of lavender floating around me.When Miriam told me that she was diagnosed with leukemia ,i was distraught. I tried my best to support her and told her every cloud had a silver lining but deep down i knew i had to prepare myself emotionally , reminisce and know that even though she wont be here one day , the memory of my best friend, my confidante will follow me wherever i go, her scent of lavender and the shimmering silver of her laugh.Miriam had a serene charisma and a soothing aura around her. She was there to wipe my tears away on the first day of school and taught me to laugh even though i was sad. Moreover she listened to all my fears with a gentle patience and covered my winters of self-hate with warm blankets of tender love. Her eyes were soft and forever wondering whether it was her favourite shake or a cute boy. She washed me with her healing sympathy and distracted me with her brilliant humour through all my hardships. She was like the mother i never had. She was my sole support system and never told me i was wrong but taught me how to distinguish between right and wrong.I...

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966 words - 4 pages organizing a suicide attempt, actions should be taken immediately. This is to reduce the risk of losing someone forever. Everyone needs a friend in their lifetime. It greatly increases in ways many do not think about, and reduces dangerous risks. Friends improve links to family, helping to increase the ability to socialize. Connections to people are definitely essential in life, because it is impossible to live comfortably with no friends or family

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470 words - 2 pages one another. She guided us to make up with one another and not we are on better terms.Statistics have shown that best friends you make when you're young will stay best friends forever; about two in every five best friend relationships stay close forever. I hope that Juliet will be one of the two because a best friend like Juliet is hard to find. Juliet is one of a kind, with her warm, caring and compassionate soul.

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537 words - 2 pages , like us, and they would be happy which would make us happy. But every time I get on my cell phone and have the same repeated one minute conversation I’m thinking that is less likely to be true I told her best friends forever and I meant it. Now I’m thinking that I want to rip her to shreds then put her back together again just so she could be the dirt beneath my feet. But I don’t do it because I know I am her better half. But I can not be so

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503 words - 2 pages together. It?s time, we?re ready, our lives at Lasley High are ending. No doubt about it. But we can always use our memories to help us in the future when we are without the comfort and security of these walls, of this community, of our family and friends. We can always look back on our scrapbook, and remember the faces, and listen to the voices of teachers and friends. Not only will the memories of our years at this school be in our minds forever but our lives will echo throughout the halls and hearts of Lasley High for years to come.

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995 words - 4 pages friends from the catering business, such as Kristy, Wes, Delia, Bert. and Monica, while she grows apart from Jason, her brainiac boyfriend. The two causes of the novel’s conflict are Macy’s mother and Jason. As stated before, Deborah forces perfection and work into Macy due to the untouched grief of Mr. Queen’s death. Jason does not understand and appreciate the affection that Macy gives him, resulting in their “break” for the summer. Macy now has

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