Friends, How Many Of Us Have Them?

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In life, we all feel that we need someone to accept us for who we really are. In Maslow's Heriacrcy of Needs one of the steps needed to reach self-actualization is to belong, which is something that many people stress over from day to day. When I arrived at college, all I wanted was just that, to belong. This is how I met three interesting, and amazing, yet different ladies. All three of them possess very distinct personalities, which influences me to become extremely intrigued about their lifestyles, thoughts, and goals. Being that these three girls are different races, cultures and grew up in very different areas help me to understand that many different factors have a very significant ...view middle of the document...

Once my next door neighbor and my roommate had a disagreement due to a lack of the communication. Being that my roommate didn't think she was wrong, caused her to speak on the situation to others, but not to the person that it really was directed to. This situation reveals her lack of aggressiveness, and displays her need for social approval when dealing with a situation.
Next, my next door neighbor Janet is a more soft-spoken, but yet very aggressive lady of Mexican descent. She grew up in Wilmington, a much bigger town than Kayla, which caused her to be exposed more to aggressiveness and hardships in life. She grew up around a fair mixture of cultures, which caused her to be well adapted to drama and different perspectives of the world. When I told her about things that happened in my hometown, she was more nonchalant about them, because her town was the same way. Janet constantly speaks of her family, which displays how important family is in her life. Unlike, Kayla she is more willing to speak of family and past events that has occurred in her lifetime. She is semi laid back with a little aggressiveness that comes along with it. If she wants something she's not afraid to ask for it. When situations arise that contain her it's no trouble for her to speak on her issues. Janet and me, have a more casual than loving relationship, because she is more stable and strong minded than Kayla. One time, I had wasted a little coffee in her room, because she has an obsession with cleanliness, she was easily bothered by the spill. Being that I was occupied at the moment, and was not attending to the spot at that moment caused her to be in an uproar. Since I felt I was doing no harm I spoke exactly what was on my mind to her, but she lower her tone. She said what she had to say back to me without hesitation. Janet can be laid back,...

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