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Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner Essay

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Grace Pulpit once said “A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.” True friends will always be present and have your back regardless of the circumstances. Amir and Hassan share a unique relationship; they are friends, brothers, and enemies. Growing up together, Hassan always had Amir’s back, but Amir did not always have Hassan’s. This developed a friendship that was one-sided, but the boys still had a close bond regardless. Amir says “…we were kids who had learned to crawl together, and no history, ethnicity, society, or religion was going to change that…(25).” The relationship between the two boys is one that is difficult to fully comprehend. The bond they share is one that not many people get to experience. The boys are separated from each other after the Russian invasion, but it is Amir’s decisions later in life that show what Hassan truly meant to him. They share a relationship that had varying definitions, but in the end they both loved each other. Amir and Hassan share this diverse friendship because of Amir’s selfishness, jealousy, and cowardly actions.
Amir is afraid to be Hassan’s true friend because he is different. This highlights Amir’s selfishness. In the novel, Amir often points out Hassan’s harelip, and the fact that he is a Hazara. He describes Hassan as “… a boy with a Chinese doll face perpetually lit by a harelipped smile (25).” Amir is not sure if he wants to be around Hassan because he is selfish and he recognizes that Hassan is in a lower social class than him. This makes the young Amir hesitant to be around Hassan because of what other people’s opinions might be. Amir is influenced heavily by this and that makes him grow afraid of becoming Hassan’s true friend. Amir is not strong enough to handle the hatred of others just to stand up for Hassan. After Hassan got raped, Amir said to himself “He was just a Hazara, wasn’t he (77)?” This further supports the notion that Amir is selfish because he is afraid to be hated by others for standing up for equality. He is worried about what other people think, and he is scared that others will not be his friend if he associates himself with a Hazara. This leads to their friendship breaking down. As time passes by, Amir wants Hassan to fight back, but he never will. Ali views Amir’s attempts to make Hassan fight back as ridicule, and they separate themselves from Baba’s house after that. The lives of the two families change forever.
Loyalty is an essential part of any friendship, and Amir tests Hassan’s because he wants Hassan to fight back. Amir wants Hassan to fight back because it will release all of the guilt that he accumulated from allowing Hassan to get raped when it only happened because he was selfish. Amir feels terrible because he did not help Hassan when he needed him the most. Amir tempts Hassan to fight back by throwing pomegranate at him, but he never does. Amir says, “All I know is that, when I finally stopped, exhausted and panting,...

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