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Friendship And Overcoming Adversity Essay

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Topic: Friendship and Overcoming Adversity
Story: “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck ( a story about the hardships of two diverse men and their friendship)
Literary Text: “Finding Nemo” by Andrew Stanton

Introductory Claim: Of Mice and Men- Both “Of Mice and Men” and “ Finding Nemo” both display an example of friendship and overcoming adversity within the novel and movie.

Body 1:
Of Mice and Men-
Claim: Steinbeck displays the ideal of friendship and overcoming adversity within his novel through the hardships of Lennie and George.

With the setting as the Great Depression in the 1930s, George and Lennie of John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men have overcome the adversity ...view middle of the document...

(Citation) . In Weed, the ranchers assumed the worst about him and don't stop to ponder Lennie’s motives. They chased George and Lennie out of town with a mob of angry ranchers. None of them bothered to get Lennie’s side of the incident . These incidents conveys the ideal of friendship because no matter the conflict that Lennie may cause , George never abandons him.(Citation)

And again, after Lennie kills Curley's wife, everyone, except George and perhaps Slim, assumes he killed her out of hatred. In addition this shows the ideal of friendship as well due to the fact that George doesn't abandon his friend in the situation and knows lennie’s true motives. They share the adversity of being unemployed and dispossessed males during the Great Depression. George and Lennie provide protection, companionship, acceptance to the world, quality of work, friendship, and mental stability for each other throughout the book.In their friendship they developed an understanding of each other. (Citation)

Analysis : Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men is infused with an abundant amount of themes, symbolism, and hidden attributes. By using George and Lennie as the main characters he is able to convey the ideal of friendship and overcoming adversity .Lennie ‘s adversity consist of the fact that he does have a disability mentally . However, together George and Lennie face the adversity of being unemployed and dispossessed males during the Great Depression. In the novel ,they describe themselves as “different” and George continuously tells Lennie they have each other. (Citation) They were able to conquer their adversities using the ideal of friendship .

Body 2:
Finding Nemo-
Claim: Stanton portrays the ideal of friendship and overcoming adversity through the struggle of Finding Nemo as well as the symbolical friendships produced by the journey itself.

In the opening of Finding Nemo, Marlin ,a happy male clownfish along with his lovely wife Coral are expecting about 400 babies about to hatch in the near future.The clownfish couple were overly excited . But, when a vicious barracuda, invades their new home Marlin loses Coral, his wife and all but one of the eggs. The survivor name was nemo and is now raring to go to school despite his overly protective traumatized father that fears the cold cruel world. As fate and luck would have it , a diver captures the venturesome little Nemo and Marlin must go on a quest to find Nemo. Marlin faces the adversity losing his wife and 399 unborn babies .He also faces the fear of losing , Nemo ,his only child and son to the unfair , unsafe and unfit world. Over a period of time , Marlin is forced to face the adversity of being without Nemo while he is “ missing” . He is unaware that Nemo is unharmed or hurt. The delusion of losing his soon terrifies him and brings up the recurring nightmare of the night he lost Coral and babies.

Dory , a blue tang fish faces the adversity of memory problem ....

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