Friendship, Dreams And Pain In Steinbeck’s Of Mice And Men

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George and Lennie are an unlikely set of friends, but they both need each other to get
their wants in life. They both want their own farm. But they need each other to make this plan happen. To make this plan happen they have to work together to make everything work out. They both have very important jobs to do, Lennie does the labor, and George is the brains behind it all. No matter how things turn out, they will always care a lot for one another and protect each other. Lennie and George believe that they have a strong bond and no matter what, they will always want to have each other in their lives.
In, Of Mice and Men, the novel is all about problems and situations that the two main characters, Lennie and George, have to go through and how they deal with everything that is going on in their lives. They have to go through a lot but that just motivates them to do better and try to get a long the best way the possibly can. George has a lot that he has to worry about, which deals with working and taking care of a grow man that cannot take care of himself. They have a lot of pain that both of them have to go through.
George and Lennie go through a lot of painful experiences in this novel. They have to deal with pain from Lennie killing anything that he touches. He is so strong that everything he pets he ends up killing them like: rabbits, mice and people too. They have to deal with the loses of loved ones. Lennie had to get over losing Aunt Clara. George had to do something really painful and very heart breaking. George had to kill Lennie for breaking Curleys wife neck. George has no other choice but to do this because they would have killed Lennie anyway. Since Lennie gets so scared easily, George thought he could district him.
George and Lennie are friends that most people would not understand. Most people found it strange that two grown men traveled together. But they do not mind it, because they knew they need each other in life to get what they want. George is the baby sitter of Lennie. They have known each other for many years. George and Lennie work together they also travel together. George tries to keep Lennie out of trouble(Hart).
George had to give up all of his dreams and his time to take care of Lennie; Because Lennie cannot take care of himself (French). “George, the intelligent, lonely, itinerant rancher, who has made the defense of Lennie his life work, who could have kept his jobs and lived so easily if he could have gone his way alone, unburdened by the need to have some human soul that needed him”(Isaacs). George ridicules Lennie for his problems and all the messes he make for both of them, and George is always the one that has to fix everything, and he gets tired of solving every problem and tells Lennie he has enough with it and doesn’t want to deal with it any longer (Hart). George could have made it fine all by himself. He was a very smart man that could have lived his own life without having to deal with the problems of...

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