Friendship Encounters During The Lost Generation

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A Moveable Feast starts off in Paris. Hemingway tells about seeing and meeting friends, everywhere. When reading this book, readers can see that friendship means a lot to Hemingway. While in Paris Hemingway meets a lot of people like Ezra Pound, Ford Madox Ford, Gertrude Stein, F.Scott Fitzgerld, Sylvia Beach and many more.
Hemingway didn’t have any friends that were difficult to me. I think Hemingway had more respect for Gertrude Stein, while reading the book they seemed to have a close connection, it says in the story “They seemed to like us too and treated us as though we were very good’’ (Pg 22). Hemingway think back when he meets Miss. Stein, he tells the readers “I can’t remember if she was walking her dog or not, nor if she had a dog. It was obvious in the story that their friendship was valued and they were close. Hemingway is comfortable enough to talk to Miss. Stein about his readings and she gives him her honest opinion of the writers. This made Hemingway admire Miss. Stein because of her maturity and writings.
Another person that Hemingway meet was Sylvia Beach, Hemingway respected Beach to because she showed him generosity when he didn’t have the money to join the library “She was kind, cheerful, and love to make jokes and gossip”. He says in the book “No one was ever nicer to me’. In my own words the relationship between Hemingway and Sylvia was more than just friends. I believe he saw Sylvia to be something else.
Hemingway had many more close friends like Ford Madox Ford. What I got out Hemingway and Ford’s relationship is that maybe Ford put fear into Hemingway. I believe that Hemingway was scare of Ford, “I had always avoided looking at ford when I could and I always held my breath’. (Pg 91) The ways Hemingway talks and describe how he acts around Ford, make readers think he might have had a bad body odor.
Hemingway wife Hadley had a close relationship, he loved his wife, until he meet some other young women and he falls in love and...

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