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Friendship Forever In Beaches Essay

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Beaches is a movie about best friends, C.C. Bloom (Bette Midler) and Hillary Whitney (Barbara Hershey) meet for the first time under the boardwalk at the age of 11-years-old. Bloom grew up in the Bronx of New York City with very little money and the belief that one day she would be rich and famous. Whitney came from money living in Appleton, California where she dreamed of one day not having to follow all her high society rules and of being free to make choices and decisions on her own. The two girls stay connected through letters until after their college years when they were final reunited in New York after Whitney runs away from her old life to pursue her dream of “freedom”. Bloom is already working hard on her dream of becoming famous by staring in the leading role of the Falcon Players new musical.
Life was great until they both fall for the same man, Bloom's boss John. Whitney sleeps with John and Bloom claims all is fine, but deep down she is hurt. This is the start of what is too soon be an interpersonal conflict, a disagreement between connected individuals who perceive their goals as incompatible.[Devito, p. 276] When an unexpected illness forces Whitney to go back and care for her allying father, letter writing again the avenue these friends must use to stay connected. Whitney begins to date Micheal, her father's attorney and eventually marries him. Bloom and John also begin to date and get married shortly after Whitney's wedding. The friends are reunited in person when Micheal and Whitney come to New York to see Bloom's Broadway musical. Jealousy begins to rear its ugly head and a conflict occurs between these friends. Beginning in Chapter 5 of the movie both Whitney and Bloom use myth when it comes to conflict, trying to avoid conflict, but quickly move right into negative effect, content issues, competing style, and cultural issues.
The first scene in Chapter 5 has the women sitting at a table playing cards from morning until afternoon, avoiding the issue of jealousy by playing cards. Whitney places the cards on top of the pile very hard, like punching the table instead of her friends face. While Bloom avoids all eye contact and holds her nose up towards the ceiling. Eventually they leave the apartment and go to a department store where verbally they incorporate content conflict, avoiding style, belting, attribution and cultural issues. Whitney is jealous because her best friend is accomplishing her dreams and she is not. Bloom is jealous because deep down she believes her husband would rather be with her best friend. Instead of talking about the jealousy they are both feeling they begin to incorporate content conflict (centers on objects, events, and persons in the world that are usually external to the people involved in the conflict)[Devito, p. 279] and argue over lipstick, having children, and each others attitudes.
When Bloom asks her friend how a shade of lipstick looks on her, Whitney is quick to tell her, “You look...

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