Friendship In Ancient World And Virtual Community

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Aristotle evidently states that friendship is a virtue and is necessary for our existence. It is not possible to live without friends nor would we want to (Pakaluk, 30). Aristotle talks about three different kinds of friendship which are based on utility, pleasure, and goodness. Friendships that are based on utility are likely to fade away fast because they are out to achieve something good for themselves through the other person and once that is accomplished or taken away then friendship is lost (Pakaluk, 32). Friendships based on pleasure work comparable to the ones based on utility. Once the pleasure is gone or no longer needed the friendship could expire. Lastly, those who love for goodness, reflect one another and want the same greatness for each other. Friendships that are genuine and true are based on this quality and usually have a long lasting presence.
From the research question we asked, “What percent of your Facebook/Social Media friends do you consider your friends outside the social media?” and the majority of people considered more than half of the Facebook friends to be friends outside of the virtual world. But if I had to say, I would relate some of these friendships based on what Aristotle describes as the three types of friendships. Another question that we asked was “What percent would you go out with or share a secret with?” Our results were interesting because only a few would go out with their Facebook friends and hardly any would share a secret with. I believe there would have to be more research conducted to actually get to the roots and see what kind of levels of friendship there really are.
In the social media world, I consider only a very few on my friends to be “real friends” but of course all of them can be labeled my friends. So people must have a different definition or what they consider to be genuine friends. I do not believe anyone can actually say that majority of there Facebook friends are actual friends and if they did I believe there would be some kind fiction to that or you are lying to yourself. I believe it also depends on how many friends essentially have. For example, if you only have five to ten friends, sure you could consider them to be genuine friends but let’s say you have more than one hundred, to be honest, you probably could not count on all of them for one thing or another.
I found the Zinoview/Duong article about understanding friendships online very interesting and it relates closely with the questions our group was in search of. One of their questions was “Are they all real friends or does the person mean something different when the person calls them “friends?” This article seeks out to suggest there is a big difference between online friendships through social media and the ones in...

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