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Friendship In "Lord Of The Flies". It Describes The Characters And The Friendships That Evolved.

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Friendship in Lord of the FliesIn the novel, Lord of the Flies, the children had many disagreements. There wereseveral arguments, and the boys even had a war against the original leader, Ralph.Seemingly, Jack and Ralph are friends in the beginning, but end up being enemies in theend. Piggy and Ralph were not friends in the beginning, but a friendship eventuallydeveloped later in the novel. Roger and Jack were also friends because they were bothsavages and wanted to kill.Jack and Ralph were quick to be friends in the beginning. They got along welland were both adventurous. They also both wanted to be chief, even though only onewas chosen. Their need to be leader is what made them become enemies, even thoughJack did have control over the choir, or "hunters". Jack became obsessed with huntingpigs and did not do his job of keeping the signal fire going. The fire was their onlychance of ever being rescued and Jack chose to find meat instead. Ralph was furiouswhen he saw a ship far in the distance and they could not see them because there was nofire. After this is when Jack really became a savage and even formed his own tribe. Thistribe stole Piggy's glasses during the night so they could have fire. The glasses were theonly way to make fire. They also started a fight and all of the boys were in a huge brawl.Jack, Roger, and the rest of his tribe were against Ralph, Piggy, and, Sam and Eric. Inthe end they even had a war against Ralph and were chasing him around the jungle tryingit kill him. All of this occurred because Jack could not stand Ralph being chief. Theyended up being enemies and Jack did not even realize how evil he had become.Another friendship that formed was between Ralph and Piggy. In the beginningRalph had no respect for him and would not listen to what he had to say. WheneverPiggy tried to tell him something he would just tell him to, "shut up". But when theywere the only ones left not in...

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