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Friendships have a great influence on the individual we become based on the choices we make or the experience we have with each other in life. Some friends are made at very young ages such as toddlerhood because of parent connections and some friends form during the attendance of different activities in life such as: school, day care facility, camp, etc. However, based on my observation and experience, the dynamic of a friendship between a group or individuals change as time progress for different reasons of taking a different path in life, negative experiences related with the individual, and during growth a person personality and goals changes that contradict their friends.
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The difficult part is my new friends did not feel comfortable or have the money to go; however, despite the group spoken detest of going, she still wanted to go and insisted that I come. Being forced to choose, I chose not to attend the haunted house and she went alone that night instead of getting to know my new friends. I feel that the definition of a friendship changes based on our peer status or choices made that force the friendship to change or come to an end.
Friendships are stable until late childhood and early adolescent when being “popular,” being accepted among peers, is important to every individual. Friendships can have positive influences but sometimes the behavior adolescents participate in to be accepted by their peers can lead to negative effects on their future success or lead to death. Peers can have a negative influence especially if the individual has a rejected, neglected, or victimized peer status. For example, this boy was being victimized by his peers vocally defaming his reputation in front of the whole class, but I did not stop the behavior like my parents taught me because I wanted to be accepted. I wanted to make friends and be accepted so badly that I started to participate in an activity that I personally know the pain of bullying. The teacher stopped the bullying and removed the student from the situation then lectured the class expressing disgust at our behavior; however, she pulled me aside and reminded me what I went through and that she was so disappointed with me. This teacher taught me that to be accepted by my peers is not to participate in behavior that would defame my own reputation and that I would much rather be accepted by a group through my positive influence and kindness.
Unfortunately, not all students receive such intervention having a direct conversation from a respected adult figure and continue to be negatively influenced by their peers that become friends by participating in aggressive or disruptive behavior, abuse...

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