Frightened Essay

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Though I couldn't see nor move my limbs, I could feel and I could hear. I felt myself be thrown rather roughly over someone's shoulder as they carried me to who knows where. I could also feel the extreme pain in my lower back. But, I knew _exactly_ where I was going.

If my suspicions were correct, they would be taking me into town, into the lab, where everything I currently knew would be forgotten. I would be controlled and there was nothing I could do about it. By the time Mystery and Sly realized that I was taken, it might be too late.

I tried to block them out of my mind; especially Mystery. How had I been so blind to see the evil hiding underneath Tyler? It was all making sense. When Tyler had fallen, he had acted only slightly scared of what was happening. When Tyler had looked around, it was as if he was fully examining everything, trying to figure out a good use for them. And finally, Tyler kept his eyes on me; which, was odd at the time, but now, it all made sense.

How could I have been so blocked? No matter now, I was going to pay the price for it. I was going to forget my father, my friends, and Mystery, oh Mystery. I wondered how he'd feel about it, knowing that he had been right. Maybe, just maybe, I could escape from this. Then, Mystery wouldn't have to worry.

I wasn't one to be called slow, nor stupid, nor easy. But this, this right here proved all of those things wrong. I attempted to lift up my head, still uneasy from the gunfire, but failed. It was useless. Mystery was right. Why hadn't I listened to him? I could only imagine what would happen after they found this out..


*Mystery's POV*

It wasn't long before I woke with Fountain's legs sprawled across my face. I let out a soft laugh, gently pushing her legs back onto the bed. I stood up slowly before remembering _Tyler_ had come last night. I groaned at the thought as I walked down the hallway, expecting to see him telling Alvy something amazing that no one else knew. But, to my surprise, it was only Sly.

"Where's Alvy?" I questioned, pausing to look around the room.

"With Tyler," Sly replied, his arms crossed as he leaned against the wall.

I rolled my eyes, "And where is Tyler?"

"With Alvy," Sly laughed, thinking he was oh-so funny, "They left about an hour ago to get breakfast."

My eyes widened, "You let Alvy go with that..that..that.."

"With Tyler? Yeah. Why not? I'm not afraid that he's going to flirt with her," Sly grinned.

I crossed my own arms silently, refusing to speak to Sly anymore. It was times like this that Sly annoyed the heck out of me. Then again, I guess that's what older brother's are for. I'm just hoping that when Fountain gets older, she's on my team instead of Sly's. We would totally tag-team on it.

Sly laughed again, obviously knowing what I was thinking by the way my eyes glanced down the hallway. "She'll be on _my_ team."

"And why's that? I'm younger than you are, thus, she and I have more in common," I spat, holding my head high.

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