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Frigid Waters Essay

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The harsh leafbare winds of the north blazed across the tundra like a freezing cold fire, howling louder than a wolf. Snowflakes blew rapidly across the landscape, almost blocking your view. The only thing visible was the moon, the snow glittering in it’s light.
The landscape was completely barren, the nearest forest just in view. When it wasn’t leaf-bare, this tundra was instead wide open meadow, perfect for hunting all sorts of prey. Believe it or not, this was actually one of the best places for hunting in the valley.
The only sign of life on this deserted plain was a small moving grey dot. If you moved in closer you could see the dot had pointy ears, scruffy fur, whiskers, amber eyes, a ...view middle of the document...

It gradually grew louder and louder until he could hear it properly. It was the crunching of snow. It only meant one thing. Pawsteps.
The grey tom cat perked up as he saw catlike shapes approaching him. Could help really be coming his way? He sat down and waited anxiously for the creatures to approach him. There were two of them actually, both mewing at each other in conversation. The tom cat wondered what they were saying.
The two cats had both reached him but they were both a lot bigger then any other cat he had seen. Each of them had a stubby tail, tufted ears and paws the size of the bowls containing his dinner that his twoleg gave him.
They both had light stripes on their bodies but one was lavender-grey with a massive scar on its back-right leg and the other one was fawn and had a furless patch of skin on its flank. They looked pretty intimidating but he was happy they came for him anyway.
“Hello. My name is Sosulka. Thank you for your kindness to come and help me.” The grey tom greeted, bowing politely. The fawn cat narrowed her
eyes and growled “Don’t try to pull the stupid act on us. Do you have a death wish?” Sosulka shrunk back in fear and asked “What do you mean?”
“You know perfectly well this is Unguis Alliance territory. That means lynxes only.” The lavender cat yowled, his blue eyes burning like flames.
“Unguis alliance? What is that? Anyway, I’m just passing through. I’m not doing any harm. I swear I’ll leave as soon as I can.” Sosulka meowed.
“What’s the Unguis Alliance? Are you mousebrained? I’m Vladka and this is Assol and we’re lynx warriors.” The lavender lynx sneered, pointing to his fawn companion.
“Wait a minute. He can’t be a warrior. Sosulka isn’t a warrior cat name and he doesn’t smell like one either.” Assol growled, prodding Sosulka curiously. Vladka’s expression changed from a scowl to a confused face as soon as Assol said this “Then what is he? A rogue? A loner?” He asked. Assol then noticed the collar Sosulka wore around his neck and gave a creepy grin. “Hey, Vladka. You might like to hear this. He’s a kittypet.” She mocked. Vladka grinned too and said “Really? He shouldn’t be too hard to kill then.”
Sosulka asked “Uh, what’s a kittypet?” Vladka mocked “It’s a cat who lives with the twolegs and is over-pampered and fed. They can’t hunt or fight. To put it bluntly, they’re useless.” Sosulka then felt anger running through his veins. He didn’t get angry that easily but these two were obviously going to far.
“Go ahead! Fight me! I’m not useless and I’ll prove it!” He yowled getting into fighting position. Sosulka actually knew a thing or two about fighting. He remembered fighting other cats back in the twoleg place he lived in. “Ooh! The kittypet’s getting feisty! What shall we do?” Assol said sarcastically. Vladka however, was more calm. He let out a soft laugh and meowed “You’re tough for a kittypet. You’ve got spirit, kid. I’m surprised you made it this far since the nearest twoleg place is miles from here but...

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