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Everyone is part of some organization or a group, however, many people to stop and think about what drives the group, what keeps the group together, or how the group functions as a whole. In this paper we will be looking at a group, Social Work Club, and be applying four theories; Field theory, Social Exchange theory, Learning theory, and Psychoanalytic theory to the group to understand the function of it.
Field Theory
The first theory we are going to cover is the Field theory. This theory focuses on how groups function in an effort to achieve their goals and how they are impacted by forces found in the environment. We will be focusing on the positive and negative valences of this social ...view middle of the document...

LaTonya shows two of these three leadership styles. She can be seen as authoritarian, taking control of group functioning with little input from members, when she cuts Bert off in the meeting and how seriously she takes being the president. However she can also be seen democratic, maximizing member input and participation, because she does involve the group. The group passed the requirement of the number of volunteers hours needed and the board meetings are a sign of democratic leadership.
Role is the expected patterns of behavior dependent on a group position or status. LaTonya’s position as president is to control the meetings and to get the volunteer program In its feet and running. LaTonya see Bert’s role as less than hers and sees him as power hungry. Bert’s role is to assist Latonya and lead the meetings if Latonya is absent.
Norms are the collective rules and expectations with in the group. For this group a new norm would be thirty hours of volunteer work since it is a requirement. Also some norms are meeting on Tuesday nights and every other Tuesday nights there is a bard meeting. Finally a norm would be LaTonya leading the meetings.
Social Exchange Theory
The second theory we are going to look at is the Social Exchange theory. This theory focuses on the individual within the groups and their interaction and participation. We will be focusing on the rewards and cost for LaTonya and Bert as well as the rewards and costs for the rest of the members.
LaTonya and Bert
Reward is the pleasure, fulfillment, and other positive emotions a person experiences when involved in the group. Reward for LaTonya would...

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