Frog Pad â€" The Next Evolution Of Keyboards

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An alternative to the orthodox computer keyboard dubbed the "QWERTY" keyboard has been long sought after. The "FrogPad" seems to offer the solution for many of the cutting edge computer company's hunt for a replacement. Currently available at price quotes of about $170.00, has even receive acclaim and encouragement from Doug Engelbart, the inventor of the computer mouse. Although change and having to learn new techniques are often not easily accepted by the public, the "FrogPad" seems to outweigh these disadvantages with its many beneficial attributes that caters to a wide range of the public. The design of the "FrogPad" keyboard was developed by acquiring information from various sources to create a better user acceptance to its distinct format. The locations of the keys were a result of analyzing popular typing behaviors, and composing the keys to better accommodate them. By also researching human anthropology the "FrogPad" is more proficient at creating a design intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort. By making the "FrogPad" conform better to general typing styles and to the human hand users are more likely to accept the contemporary device.The "FrogPad" has taken the standard dimensions of a keyboard that averages at more than a foot long and half of a foot wide to a humble three inches by five inches. By reducing the keyboard's amount by almost half the original size, computer users are left with an abundant more amount of territory on their computer desktops. The "FrogPad" accommodates 20 keys versus the standard 128 keys that computer users are use to. The dimension compression is achievable by combining one of the centrally located 15 keys with one of the 5 shift keys positioned at the bottom of the keyboard. The five shift keys enable the keyboard to create case, numbers, and even symbols....

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