"From 1781 To1789 The Articles Of Confederation Provided The United States With An Effective Government." Using The Documents And Your Knowledge Of The Period, Evaluate This Statement."

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The Articles of Confederation were meant to give the United States a loose, weak central government, making the Articles ineffective. With the Articles of Confederation, the United States was unable to support soldiers due to the inabilities of Congress. The United States was also unable to remove British trading posts from their home soil. The weakest states, who were not influential and least populous, had power over those that were strong and heavily populated. Also, the United States did not financially thrive between the years of 1781-1789. By 1789, citizens of the United States started to become weary because of the weak central government. The United States was unable to flourish and to unite under the Articles of Confederation. With the Articles of Confederation, there was a weak, and sometimes absent centralized army. This caused the British to remain on the United States' home soil. The British were still trading with the Indians, in hopes of not allowing the United States to attack Canada. Therefore, the British were creating an ally with trading with the Indians. With a weak army, the United States were unable to remove the British from the United States. This made the Articles of Confederation weak. The United States were still unable to free themselves from British influence. As seen in Document D, John Jay gave instructions to Britain to "remove all posts and territories within their limits," which shows that the United States could take no further actions without a strong centralized army. Each State contained a small army, but the States unaffected by the British took no action, another negative effect. This causes the States to not unify. As a nation, this was a negative effect. For the new nation to grow and become strong, unification was key. The Articles of Confederation gave Congress very little power in hopes of avoiding the chances of a monarchy. The lack of power and means caused members of the army to become angry that they were not given their rights to a bonus and for back pay, as seen in Document C. Most everyone realized that Congress was weak and causing members of the army, possibly the most important people, to become angry with the government. In Document C, Joseph Jones of Virginia states that Congress is unable "to pay their (members of the army) demands, unless furnished with the means of several States." This makes the Articles of Confederation very ineffective due to the power taken away from Congress and given to the individual states, and therefore, unification not present, also seen in Document D as well as C. The Articles of Confederation took power from the army and therefore weakening the United...

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870 words - 3 pages Continental Congress, renamed the Confederation Congress after the Articles of Confederation were ratified, was not an ineffectual body. It led the United States through a war against Great Britain, gained independence, negotiated the Treaty of Paris, and set up an unprecedented system of government. Ultimately, however, this government did not solve many of the new nation’s problems. The ruling document of this Congress, the Articles of Confederation

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1077 words - 4 pages at Independence Hall in the spring of 1787. This Constitution established a new, stronger central government. The Articles of Confederation merely united the states under one loose confederation, but under the new Constitution, the states were united under a strong, central, democratic government.The Articles of Confederation created a central government with virtually no power. Americans were worried that the nation would become a monarchy, so

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1542 words - 6 pages . The United States did not want a dictatorship or monarchy when they broke away from Britain. The United States forefathers wanted to create a government that promoted a majority rule, but also has restrictions on the amount of power of the majority. Under the Articles of Confederation, protecting the rights of the people and building a strong centralized government was necessary. This is why the United States adopted the legislative, judicial

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993 words - 4 pages Puritans, the Catholics, etc. This was done because they set certain limits and freedoms according to the way they believed God meant to govern. The colonists used similar concepts to that of England which justified powers of the government with religious support and the supremacy of God as being a primary rationale of its authority. The King of England ruled by divine right, which forced people who were strong followers of their faith to submit to him. Thus, the king had secured his own position.Source: AMSCO United States History - Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination by John J. Newman, John M. Schmalbach.

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565 words - 2 pages ’s actions to advance himself politically. After Washington’s proclamation of neutrality Jefferson, who was an open supporter of the French Revolution having spent much time as a diplomat in France, resigned from his cabinet position. Using this disagreement, along with farmers’ distrust of the Financial Plan and distaste of Washington’s use of force in the Whisky Rebellion, Jefferson created the two party system. This two party

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719 words - 3 pages elected agencies of government. The executive and legislative branches of the United States, the President and Congress, respectively, both derive their power from the people, whereas in Great Britain only the legislative branch, Parliament, derives its power from the people, as the executive is elected by Members of Parliament, thus effectively combining both branches within a single institution.The Parliamentary system in Great Britain and the

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From 1781 To 1789 The Articles Of Confederation Provided The United States With An Effective Government.

542 words - 2 pages DBQFrom 1781 to 1785 the Articles of Confederation provided the United States with an effective government. The main goal of the Articles was to allot as much independence as possible to the states compared to the idea of a central government for fear of conflict with Britain. Despite the many advantages of its systematic rule it did not provide enough power to the Congress in order for them to adequately control commerce, land expansion and

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835 words - 3 pages view that ultimately prevailed over supporters of the Articles and paved the way for the ratification of the modern Constitution. Ultimately, the eradication of the Articles has proved to be beneficial to our country, as its flaws and weaknesses would never have allowed for many of the functions of government we depend on today, such as a system of checks and balances and a unified system of commerce. By looking at the past and analyzing the country's strengths and weaknesses, it can be concluded that the Articles of Confederation did not have a sufficient degree of power and organization to provide the United States with an effective form of government.

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1312 words - 5 pages . The Articles of Confederation provided the United States with well-rounded socio-economic institutions and was an effective form of government from 1781-1789.The Articles of Confederation provided the United States with stable Anti-Federalist sentiments, which were shown through the legislatures passed. The Articles provided an effective form of government from 1781-1789 by suiting republican political ideals for the people, and providing well-rounded socio-economic foundations. This form of control was the best way to provide the people with the powers they had anticipated from the Revolutionary Era.

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967 words - 4 pages though, until it was ratified by all thirteen states in 1781; a task that proved to be difficult after some states refused to cooperate. Under the Articles of Confederation the British colonies were to unite, become individual self-sovereign states, and distinguish themselves as the United States of America. It would allow them to abandon the statutes of the British monarchy and plan an organized government that would set guidelines on land