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From A House To A Home

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When I was younger, I dreamed of owning an exorbitantly large house with a winding staircase which overlooked the large vaulted living room. My house would be four bedrooms and have a massive master suite, which would encompass three fourths of the second floor and include a private office. Of course this house would have the best of everything, from the gourmet kitchen to the panoramic views out of every window. Music would radiate in every room from the central high fidelity audio system. This is but a dream though.
As time progressed though, I have changed and discovered that my earlier vision of a dream house did not fit my wants or needs. I now know that owning a house requires more than mere cleaning and maintaining of its various components so that it does not evolve into the run down shack you might discover in your travels along the urban highways and byways. In order for a house to shine and stand out from the cookie cutter boxes it resides next to, it must reflect its owner and their personality.
For instance, an enormous house takes an excessive amount of time and effort to clean and maintain, I would prefer to spend much of this time in the pursuit of assorted other activities. As a result, my once extravagant house has become obsolete being replaced by a more modest dwelling. Not as small as to feel confined or restricted, nor one so large it require you to have a GPS unit to locate the bathroom, but somewhere in between which is comfortable.
Another thought occurs to me as I think of my dream house now is the second story. I have lived in numerous apartment complexes, dormitories and military barracks in my time, many of these on or above the second floor. I have gained a new awareness from these experiences, which is that I genuinely detest hauling furniture and anything else up and down stairs. Most all of these stairwells are narrow, steep and difficult to...

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