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From A Japanese Transplant To A British Imitation: A Text Analysis Of Imperial Constitutional Outline And The Nineteen

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I. An Overview of the Constitutional Practice in the late Qing Dynasty
After the Hundred Days Reform and the Boxer Rebellion, the rule of the Qing Dynasty he¬aded by Empress Dowager Cixi (1835-1908) was even more in jeopardy. Nationwide movements against the Qing Dynasty and the Manchu were rapidly escalating. Forced by the circumstances, Cixi made an abrupt change in attitude concerning constitutional reform - in 1901, she succes¬sively issued three imperial edicts in the name of the Qing government, admitting that “If laws and decrees do not change, nor do old habits, it is impossible to achieve revitalization’. She decreed the establishment of the Bureau of Government Affairs which is ...view middle of the document...

Reflect in academic sector, the enthusiasm for introducing foreign constitutions, regulations and treatises as well as the passion for studying constitutionalism have been summoned up ever since.
When the Russo-Japanese War ended in 1905, the Qing government was greatly shocked by the result that though being a much smaller country, Japan eventually won the victory. It was generally believed that the victory owed much to the achievements of Japan’s con¬stitutionalism in the modern times. Before the Treaty of Portsmouth was signed, Zhang Jian(1853-1926), a celebrity from Jiangsu Province, had already advocated constitutionalism in “A Letter to Yuan Shikai" saying that “It is not helpful to pay attention to trivialities instead of changing the present regime. If we do not change the regime before the Russo-Japanese situation is settled but still be so obstinate in our own ways, it might be too late for any change after all. ... The result of the rivalry between Japan and Russia is indeed the one between constitutio¬nalism and autocracy. Currently in the world, which country is still in complete autocracy? If this one autocratic country is challenged by all the constitutional ones, will it still survive?"2 Widely cited by modern constitutional treatises, Zhang Jian’s argument was echoed by most of the intellectuals at that time.
After the Russo-Japanese War, the discussion about...

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