From A Time To A Different One

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Passing obviously requires time to have taken its place. Things change and sometimes they are good and bad. Some things that are good is that kids mature and experience life; we look back a month ago and not much has changed, if we looked back a year or two ago a lot of things have changed. A bad change could be something not wanted, like moving somewhere else or changing classes or having a loved one pass. At the same time however, people will have to go through changes; we were born to die. Bodies are and so do minds, but do minds get wiser or just older? I think with age comes wisdom and experience, which is probably why our grandparents and parents know so much more than us teenagers do. With passing though comes a new trend. For instance, a year ago in November the iPhone 5 came out and everyone quickly bought one because they were immediately popular. Now people are buying droids and such. That is how I feel about tooth brushes on TV commercials I see, dentists recommend a new toothbrush so I feel the need to buy it then once I buy it a new and improved one comes out, it’s a never ending cycle. One thing that has passed that many people are well aware of is the community swimming pool that has been up since who knows when. However, now there is a new and improved swimming pool not too far away from it, but us older kids that grew up in it are now looking at the destruction of where it used to be and are mourning of all the memories.

Even though how much I have disliked that swimming pool there are some pretty good memories in that pile of now debris. It would always be such a relief walking into the building in the winter because of its warmth and humidity. No matter where you walked or went in the building there was always water. If you walking into that arena you were there to get wet. The deeper than hell deep side I was always afraid of because of its depth and darkness and fear of a bad man letting sharks out to eat me stuck with me as me and my class were riding on the bus in 4th grade for swimming lessons with Ms. Pike. I would always swim for my life as I pictured massive sharks swimming quickly behind me as they come out of their secret tunnels. To make things worse Ms. Pike would think I was just splashing around like a wounded seal and would make me go back and redo the form of swimming we were practicing. Back to the terrifying deep end. What I hated the most is the locker rooms that always had someone else’s hair on the stall or the floor which would get in between your toes and you would have a miniature break down from how disgusting that is. The showers always had hot water from hell or ice water from the South Pole, you could never win with those. The toilets always had toilet paper stuck to the seat or plugged with someone’s poop, you could never win with those either. The storage room was the door to heaven as a kid though. They had all kinds of boogie boards and noodles and flippers which were personally my favorite as...

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