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From Allergic Reaction To Physician Essay

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I woke up terrified and alone in that emergency room. I couldn’t see anything and began to cry with confusion. The last thing I remembered was being at wrestling practice. The first thing the Doctor told me was that I would be fine and she quickly comforted me by holding my hand. She explained to me that I had suffered from a severe allergic reaction to shrimp I had eaten hours prior, and that I had fainted. I didn’t believe her, so she began to take the time and further explain it. I could not see her, but she still kept holding my hand as she talked to me. I was in such a bad state that I didn’t think I could ever possibly recover, but the doctor was right; my vision slowly came back to me ...view middle of the document...

I understood that the time he spent away from us was so that he could better the lives of others. Being a shy kid, it was a challenge for me to approach and have conversations with people. The experience of being in an office setting and constantly meeting new patients helped me come out of my shell and open up to people. I learned how to treat people with love and respect, which I contribute to my experience with my father’s patients. I had a great time telling stories and sharing laughs with the patients, and I knew that these were the kinds of relationships I wanted to form as a physican.
I spent my first summer of college volunteering in the emergency department at my local hospital. This was the same emergency department that I was a patient in just three years prior. I was nervous to be in such a fast paced and hectic environment, that I didn’t know how I could possibly contribute as a volunteer. It wasn't until I spoke to one nurse that my mindset changed. He explained to me that my main objective was to make these people feel comfortable and relaxed as long as I was there. I didn't have to do anything spectacular, but rather, simply follow my role as part of the team. I took his advice and soon felt like I was contributing in my own way. I delivered water and blankets to patients and made sure they were comfortable. Sometimes I conversed in my poor Spanish with some of the Spanish-speaking patients to their delight and oftentimes laughter. I could tell they appreciated my friendliness and efforts to make them smile and that gave me great satisfaction. I remembered how I was treated as a patient, and wanted to give that experience back to other patients. I recognized the amount of teamwork and energy that that every member of the staff brought. From the Doctors, nurses, paramedics, registration staff, and to the volunteers; everyone had a collective role in making the emergency room run smoothly. One thing that stood out to me was the amount of leadership the Doctors displayed. Some of the Doctors had the...

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