From Beginning To End: Adoption From The Start

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The way in which society treats its children, the most defenseless citizens in society, is the only true display of its humanity. Imagine a world where a child could fear know evil and always feel the comfort and love that breeds the future of a successful society. A key factor in the reform avoidance for the adoption and foster care system is that kinship is by blood and marriage only, not attachment and development, and that adoption institutes loss approval. A recent argument over what affects child behavior in adoptive homes was that the system, no matter the outcome, is detrimental to the child, because there was a removal from the biological parents and therefore a traumatic loss whether the child bonded with the biological parent or not. Direct and indirect maltreatment and neglect towards either parents or children in the adoption and foster care system causes a repetitive state of mind, meaning the abuse and neglect needs to be prevented and dealt with as early in the system as possible. The current adoption and foster care system is focused on reaction; however, the number of mental and physical scars can be reduced by implementing a reform with a prevention program. For the reform to be successful there needs to be a national and state level compromise, influx of research data, family revaluation, and limit of loss and maltreatment whether it be for the adoptee, birth-mother, or adoptive parents.
Adoption can be found in many ancient cultures like the Romans, Babylonians, Egyptians, Hebrews, and Hindus. Adoption was originally used to provide a male heir to maintain family lines and fulfil requirements for specific religious practice. A part of solving a problem is discovering the origins. The clearest origin of the issues in the American system is having the Roman roots for adoption practice. The American adoption system has been traced to the ancient adoption laws in Roman history. According to Burton Z. Sokoloff, “Particularly the Roman example was clearly designed to benefit the adopter, and any benefits to the adoptee were secondary. Roman adoption law served two broad purposes: to avoid extinction of the family and to perpetuate rites of family worship” (17). Until the nineteenth-century there were not active statutes that affected the system. The first comprehensive adoption statute was passed in Massachusetts in 1851 and contained major requirements that affected the national standard for adoption: the need for written consent from the natural parents or legal guardian, child input based on age, a joint acceptance of adoption, that a probate judge to whom the petition for adoption was presented had to be contented that the petitioner(s) have and maintain adequate ability to bring up the child and that it is "fit and proper” for an adoption to take place, the adoptee becomes the legal child of the petitioner(s), and removal of parental rights and obligations removed from the natural parents.
The basic Roman principals of...

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