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From Biblebelt To Sunbelt Essay

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One part of media that played a role in Graham’s success was the radio. It all started on September 1949, after Graham spoke in Los Angeles and had a huge effect on Stuart Hamblen. Hamblen introduce Graham to his father J.H. Hamblen who hosted a well-known music program on the radio. Billy Graham saw this as a chance to promote the Christ for Greater Los Angeles Campaign. Once Graham was finished with his message, J.H. Hamblen made a move that not only changed his life but it had an effect on the whole city of Los Angeles. Hamblen on air converted Christianity and told his listeners to do the same. After Hamblen’s actions following Graham’s segment on the radio there was a great of interest ...view middle of the document...

Like Graham McGee also found the radio as a way to promote his beliefs. After he became the pastor at the Church of the Open Door he decided to start a daily radio program. This radio program became a huge success. The COD’s weekly attendance went from 3,300 to 4,400 in a matter of six years (Page 156). But what really lead to McGee’s success were the ministries that he instituted. He started Thru the Bible. This ministry in five years had two thousand individuals sign up to join (Page 157).
Political commentary played a huge role in the ministries and sermons of the plain folk preachers. McGee was one of the preachers who made their voice heard. He believed that communism was the enemy of religion. After his sermons McGee would also leave his congregation by saying: “Communism was rooted in lawless, anarchy, and Satanism” (Page 159). McGee also spoke out against Liberalism. He believed that they are ill-advised when it comes to peace. He said that whoever tries to take to the role of Prince of Peace from God were guilty of blasphemy.
Another pastor who spoke on political commentary was Bob Wells. His main problem was with Proposition 16. This put Wells on edge because he saw that this would eventually open the door for taxation of church property. In order to keep this from happening he told his congregation to fight this. On October 12th he titled his message “No, No, a Thousand Times, No!” (Page 191).
Economic affluence affected the ministries and practices of evangelicals in multiple ways. It forced them to apply these new issues within the framework of evangelicals and with the proper rules of financial management that is found in scripture (page 183). The first approach they did this was by coming to the conclusion that wealth was good only if it was used the right way. This meant that it had to avoid the hazards of materialism. Their second approach was that the blessing of money could be realized only in the context of Christian Character (Page 183). This approach showed them that “good money management was another part of Christian devotion” (Page 183).
The views of economics and religion translated to the political action and the interests of...

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