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From Bud To A Flower Essay

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The year 2013 has proved to be a milestone year in my entire life of 18 years. Even though I am too young to define life in just 18 years, but the year 2013 definitely has a big hand in developing me. No, I am not saying the number 13 had any influence on me, but the events this year brought me were noteworthy.
I am born and brought up in the country of India. My entire 18 years were spent in my city New Delhi. It was during my high school year that I got the news we have finally got the visa for United States after a long wait of 11 years. It took me few days to realize the fact that I was going to fly abroad, away from my country. The emotions were more of confusion and uncertainty ...view middle of the document...

In India, I could have never thought of driving at the age of 18, because that is how it is. You get a license when you are 18, but no one wants you to drive. The access to public transports really helps one to stay away from driving your own car. But in States, it was a compulsion, as driving is the only way to get to places, if you want to be on time. Initially driving was fun, now it’s no more fun.
Moving on, my next step was to find a job. Again this was something new which I never thought of. In India, when you are 18, the only thing you do is go to college, study and have fun. But here, doing a job was the only option to earn and lead a satisfactory life. I had to work. It was not my choice. I found a job at Dunkin Donuts. Since it was owned by an Indian, and they preferred Indian employees, it was easy for me to get there. I enjoy working there. People are nice. After a week of hard work and pain, when I finally get my cheque in my hand, it is a moment of pride as I feel I am independent and can stand by myself.
I joined college here, for the fall 2013 at the arcadia university. As I had no preconceived notions about the...

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