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From Central Station To Melbourne Essay

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I was waiting on platform one at Central Station, with the voice of the station announcer mingled with the laughter of small children nearby, the roar of traffic outside and the aromas of the various fast food outlets in the cathedral. I saw a young mother trying to control her two young children as they ventured too close to the rail track, an elderly man was sitting on the bench, intently reading the newspaper while sipping his hot beverage. Other couples were engaging in passionate embraces. And a young girl looking very nervous was left alone.This was one of the hardest things I had to do in my life. It was a new beginning, and yet I felt it was an end. I had to travel to Melbourne for university, leaving behind my family and friends. The one person I missed the most was my girlfriend Danielle. She told me that even with the distance between us we would continue to keep in touch and our desires alive. Danielle was sullen beside me; I was numb with feelings of love. I was feeling vulnerable, anxious, upset and scared. I felt as if my happiness was ending.The image I had is one of complete devastation, as if I was being put in front of a firing squad. With a whoosh or air the train arrived. I held her hand, stroke the tears from her face and gave her a soft kiss. It felt like our last kiss. I would remember this for a long time to come. I then knew that I had to board the train. We stood in the doorway of the carriage caressing. The train started pulling out of the station; she grasped my hand as she swiftly jumped away from the carriage. We waved until we could not see each other any longer.I stumbled to my small compartment and slumped into the blue padded seat. The dreary landscape mirrored my sullen feelings. We journeyed on and I kept myself amused glancing aimlessly over magazines and travel guides. I managed to slowly drift off to sleep. I was woken by the sun peering through the window. The time had passed surprisingly quickly. We had arrived in the countryside. The sun shined over the green rolling hills, and I could see animals grazing under the magnificent blue sky. This change of scenery lifted my mood.A stranger suddenly opened the door to my compartment. I was relieved to have a companion on the long journey. We initiated conversation and I discovered...

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