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Entertainment has been a part of society from the beginning of time. Entertainment varies from a television show to a play at a high school. People can believe a variety of things when it comes to entertainment. Some people believe that entertainment is doing nothing wrong and that people are ruining society by themselves rather than through entertainment since entertainment does nothing wrong. Many things people do are reactions from either the TV or a play, but actions people make also are a part of the new hit show, or the musical people are “dying” to see. Entertainment has the capacity to do many things; it can create new moods that people never thought imaginable. This supports the people, like me, who understand that entertainment has the capabilities to ruin society. Entertainment ruins society through stories which create dreadful emotions, shows that make people loose knowledge, and finally coming together to fall apart.
As entertainment has many capabilities, including creating emotions. Entertainment has surrounded people for thousands of years. The joy from starts at a young age and continues for most people. Entertainment changes emotion based on how people look at the information given to them, it also depends on the audiences’ age. Unfortunately stories like Cinderella give people false hopes and emotions. A young child will hear Cinderella in a different way then an adult would while reading. A young girl would think that Cinderella is so lucky to have her fairy god mother change her into a beautiful princess. As the princess leaves the ball she drops her shoe but had no time to get it back which allows the prince to find his Cinderella, a young girl will look on this and think how happy Cinderella must be that the prince has found her since they live “happily ever after”. However, an adult may question many of Cinderella’s actions. An adult would be upset that Cinderella is the “maid” whereas a young girl would look beyond this point. Also an adult would think that changing the way a person looks wouldn’t be worth going to some ball because that person wouldn’t be themselves, because the two people interpret the story differently, it shows that the story can affect their moods to better (the young girl) or worse (the adult). This shows a person’s emotions being affected through reading a fairytale.
With entertainment there are many different ways to lose knowledge. People loose knowledge by watching a half hour of TV to gaining false information. Many sports games would show young athletes new moves and tricks they would like to do in the future, people copy the latest trends from fashion magazines like “Seventeen”, and people gain knowledge supposedly, but how much of it is actually true? When it comes to copying favorite athletes from the big screen, without proper supervision one will get injured. The next issue I’d like to highlight for media removing brain cells would be copying styles from a magazine rather than...

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