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From Good To Great To Good Circuit City Strategic Management Case Study

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During Circuit City’s successful period it was able to create core competencies that created more value than rivals. Circuit City implemented point-of-sale and inventory tracking systems that created better communication company wide. This allowed Circuit city to better track consumer trends and preferences which gave the company the flexibility to make changes as the consumer changed. Circuit city also provided superior service by employing well trained sales people. This improved the consumer experience and developed loyalty among those consumers. Circuit city implemented a 4S business model that included service, selection, savings and satisfaction. (BBM 402 Strategic Management, 2016) The business model along with the core competencies could not be easily replicated by competitors giving Circuit City its strategic position.
Circuit City did not continue to innovate and change with consumer preferences and technology, therefore it lost its position as an industry leader. Circuit City’s management chose to layoff many of the firm’s highly paid sales people in order to reduce costs, however this allowed competitors like Best Buy to recruit those highly trained and successful sales people. With the transfer of personnel Circuit City diminished its core competency of providing consumer satisfaction, while improving the competency in competitors. Circuit city also did not protect and upgrade its business model, which eventually allowed...

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