From Man To Revolutionary Hero Is The Title. It Is About George Washington's Rise. The Only Possible Errors Are Some Grammar And Tense Issues. It Is Twenty Pages. It Uses Some Footnotes.

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From Man to Revolutionary HeroGeorge Washington is most commonly known as the man who "created" America. But no leaders reach ultimate success until they have been through many trials of error and times of difficulty. George Washington was certainly a man who could boast his countless efforts. Washington had to deal with the terrible conditions at Valley Forge, as well as fend off slander and constant criticism from his enemies within the Continental Congress and Continental Army. Not only did Washington have to fight off slander, he had to cope with all the negative opinions that others had of him. While at Valley Forge, many of Washington's soldiers discovered Washington's compassionate and caring nature. Throughout this secret war, Washington also had many assets and "secret weapons" within the Continental Congress to aid him in the war. His characteristics helped define his leadership, and his cunning finesse helped him as a politician, and also as a beloved, venerated figure. Washington also had the courage and instinct to do unexpected things, or simply, he took risks and knew how to trick his opponents. His becoming an administrator well prepared him for the future. And of course, Washington's motivation empowered him throughout the cold months to continue working towards his "ultimate goal." Washington's role in the Revolutionary War paved way for the birth and advancement of a new nation. All of these events slowly occurred at Valley Forge, where Washington's eminence as a leader and politician was gradually recognized and admired by all. Washington already had the traits of a monumental leader, but due to the events at Valley Forge, he was able to change from a less capable leader into an extraordinary and prominent one.In order for Washington to be a great leader, he had to endure the terrible conditions at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. While he was there, Washington's "true" nature also began to be perceivable. From December 19, 1777, to June 19, 1778, General George Washington and his Continental Army had to survive through a harsh winter at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. The images at Valley Forge are agonizing, startling, and so powerful that they are embedded into the nation's historical conscience: Near naked soldiers wrapped in thick blankets huddling around a smoky, small fire. Bloody footprints left in the snow by the bootless men. Even when the soldiers managed to build some small huts for shelter, the small huts were shared between twelve soldiers. There were no windows, so the stench is not hard to imagine. As Marquis de Lafayette wrote: "The unfortunate soldiers were in want of everything; they had neither coats nor hats, nor shirts, nor shoes. Their feet and their legs froze until they were black, and it was often necessary to amputate them." (Lawler). George Washington's kindness and thoughtfulness towards his soldiers were some of his most well defined features as a leader. His first concern was always his soldiers....

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