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From Impressionism To Futurism: A Global Perspective

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The impact felt by the art world in the final decade of the century would emphasize the activities of artists in Paris. Impressionism and post-impressionism featured Color arrangement and attention to emphasizing reality as opposed to portraying objects in a direct way. These, and other attributes, were the affectations that Charles Rollo Peters and Gottardo Piazzoni would develop in their sparse display and heavy tones. The styles of work that were being created during this time would often be hazy and the techniques being utilized were often radically different than those that were being used in an academic setting. The widespread popularity of Plen-aire painting would become advantageous ...view middle of the document...

The cubism is merely a reflection of the newest and most extreme art form to date. The reverse-influence is also true, that the Japanese style of art would be largely influenced by the Western world. This is especially true in the art work of the Taisho period, which would have been the second generation of painters after the end of self-imposed isolation period.
The idea of Transatlantic Modernism is one that was created with the advent of technologies such as steam ships and railroads. It can be defined as a transmission of art, literature, and culture between traditions in ways that pull from foreign techniques, while still retaining a framework of national origin. The accessibility of nations near to another, Japan and India for example, would spur the translations of ancient foreign texts for the newest reality to draw from. The exposure to European cultures during the mid-1800s inspired Japanese Artist Harada Naojiro (1863 – 1899) to experiment with techniques like single-point perspective and depth of shading. The piece Kannon Bodhisattva Riding the Dragon (1890), is significant in its attempt to depict a traditional Buddhist character in a fresh “Western” perspective. The depth of field past the waves is made significant due to the intense shadows of the storm clouds. The subject is above centered, and emphasized through bright hues. Tranquility through the tumultuous storm is reflective of the merciful nature of this immortal.
Another artist who would effectively represent himself to the art traditions of the West was Takahashi Yuichi (1826 – 1894). He had dedicated a portion of his life to impress upon his culture the importance of western-style painting. His education never took him out of Japan, but was influenced by lithographs that were being imported, parallel to Van Gogh and his collection of wood prints. Yuichi was primarily self-taught, but did study under an Englishman by the name of Charles Wirgman. This man, Wirgman lived in Japan for roughly half of his life. The two became close through their appreciation of each other’s work and Wirgman would Sponsor Yuichi to attend...

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