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From Innocent To Provocative In Minutes

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“Ditzy shopaholics. Mean girls. Boy-obsessed bimbos. Are these really the only ways for girls to be beautiful and cool?” (New Moon). Young girls are faced with a tough decision that marketers seem to force them to make on the spot. They can choose to be popular and cool or kind, pure, and happy. The answer may be clear at first glance, but upon further investigating the once crystal clear perspective becomes muddy with the sludge of a selfish society and the egotistical way of thought. Girls are choosing to be provocative and sexy instead of nice and happy. Girls are not born with those ideas in their head, they were planted by millions of advertisements telling girls that’s how they should look and act. America is losing the young girls of this generation to marketing tactics focused on outward appearance and social standing. Even though girls want to look older and parents are willing to pay for their daughters to feel that they fit in, advertisements put too much emphasis on looks and popularity and are destroying young American girls’ innocence.

Young girls are persistently trying to be the highly sought after “college cool girl” even though they aren’t even in college. Fitting in and becoming that “it girl” is mentally and emotionally tough on the girls. However it’s the parents who ought to being feeling the biggest ache right in their pocketbook. Companies are taking parents’ daughters pureness, they’re also taking a bite out of their checkbooks. Marketing strategies accompanied by an unhealthy dose of peer pressure is pulling girls in, and they’re only getting younger. While big businesses may not

be coming out and saying the newest lacy underwear line is designed for young girls, it’s the companies’ hope that the trend of their customers getting younger and younger continues.

“When stores target eighteen to twenty-two year olds marketing experts say, they are hoping it is pre-teens who are paying attention.”(Boudreau 1). Corporations are playing a dangerous game with all of their profits relying on the hope that twelve year old girls will submit to themselves to the peer pressure and trends of today. Solidifying this idea is Jenny Rooney CMO Network Editor for Forbes Magazine, “I don’t think any marketers would come out and admit that’s what they’re doing, but clearly is seems to be something that’s happening with products that are designed for younger and younger girls.”(Boudreau 2)

One big contributor to this challenge is the vastly popular lingerie store Victoria’s Secret. This store contains two lines of apparel, the regular Victoria’s Secret line which is targeted to the more mature in taste woman, and the other PINK line made to appeal to the college woman. Ashley Lutz writer for Business Insider and frequenter of the store writes, “The company has led the charge on marketing to this age group, and customers keep getting younger.”(A Case for Why Tweens…). The company received numerous complaints and many assumptions...

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