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From Leader To Threat Essay

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Independence is but an illusion for one cannot survive without the cost of another. This appeals to not only humans but to the environment, and t is because of this that sustainability needs to not only be learned but understood as well. Sustainability is preserving the environment for the future, meaning not using as much of natural resources, and only using what we need not want. This is especially important to Canada because it is one of the most socially diverse countries, and has a huge impact on the world. Canada need to be an exemplary global citizen, demonstrating to the world an ideal level of sustainability. In order to achieve this ambition, Canada must set goals to make changes happen in many key global issues that occur on it’s soil such as energy, water consumption, climate change.

Energy is a valuable, and rare resource humans need to survive in the modern world. It is through this value that Canadians have forgotten about the environment. The Alberta tar sands are an excellent example of this. Billions of dollars are made from these tar sands for companies, Canadians, and the Canadian government. However this promise of riches has caused many companies that mine in the tar sands to be unsustainable, which has greatly effected the environment. The Alberta tar sands make a huge impact in the environment when mining for oil and other forms of energy. The most noticeable effect it creates is the defacing of the land. To get the oil, companies often use the process of strip mining which shifts the land around completely. It also leaves the land looking like someone has just smudged manure all over the place. Another effect the tar sands have is the usage of water. In order get the oil out, companies have to flush it out with water. To do that, they divert the Athabasca River towards the mines. With all that water coming in, the excess water...

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