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From Leadership Goal To Achieved Reality

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Leadership skills are what defines a function of a leader who guides a group using his or her knowledge or practice to do something well. Many would choose an alternative definition following a more traditional approach to what we think of as a leader, but when leadership skills are defined in such a simple manner, it can prove that anyone willing to work, no matter how unconventional it may be, can be an impactful leader. I have by no means a traditional or conventional set of leadership skills. What I have accumulated in my seventeen years, however, is the exact reason why my leadership skills will impact my life more than anyone else.
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This means my form of communication will be more successful for urban revitalization. My communication skills of learning to treat someone as my equal rather than as their leader is what make my leadership skill of communication untraditional, but when I use my skills in this way people help me achieve my goal. In the end, the way I use communication by acting more as a co-worker than a boss, executing plans to a detailed degree, and the use of social media will make it possible to see the highest amount of success in my line of work of helping others.
I plan to focus my entire future on the idea of serving others instead of myself. The easiest way for me to help people is to work in urban revitalization which focuses on helping society manage any form of change. In order to work in this line I will apply the leadership skill of planning and organizing in a more unconventional way. Instead of just organizing and planning, then expecting others to carry them out, I personally carry out all my planning along with those I'm working with to guarantee the most success. By personally including myself in the work I will be able to get satisfactory...

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