From One Side Of The Fence To The Other

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“Unplanned” by Abby Johnson is a true story about a dramatic life turn-around. Abby Johnson goes from being a Planned Parenthood Director to advocating for Coalition for Life. In her touching story, she describes how one abortion turned her life upside down. She discovers the truth and realizes how blind she had been all along. Crossing the pro-choice side of the fence, to the pro-life side, this book conveys both opinions and the forces driving them.
In the beginning of her story, Abby lays out her scenario she faces at the volunteer fair starting her junior year in college. She walks up to one of the many tables; this one is covered in hot pink and very flashy. Before she knows it, she ...view middle of the document...

After healing through these tough times, her job at Planned Parenthood made a change. Through a series of board meetings, Planned Parenthood came to the come conclusion to increase their revenue by increasing abortions. This is where Abby started to take a stance. She declared that abortions would not be her priority made that known (Johnson 114-15).
Finally, Abby Johnson drew the last straw. One day, she was called back to help out with an ultrasound-guided abortion. As she was maneuvering the probe, she was horrified at what she saw! It was a clear picture of a baby and it struck her memory to her own ultrasound for her baby girl. After the abortion was over, she made the decision to leave Planned Parenthood (Johnson 124). A week later as she was packing her things, she had a meltdown and went to the Coalition office for help. They helped her through many tough weeks and helped her apply for new jobs. Through her journey with the Coalition, she learned to trust God and put all her faith in him. Abby became a new person after she joined with them, the burden was lifted off her shoulders and she actually felt like God was present in her life. Her transformation was truly a work of God.
This book really spoke to me and I was able to understand God in a new light. I thought it was incredible the way he spoke to Abby. One thing I can remember in this book that stuck out to me is, when Abby was at mass and her hand had been hurting for a while, the Gospel from Mark 9:23 was about cutting your hand off if it causes you to sin (Johnson 129). To me, that was a real sign from God! The same hand that had held the probe for the ultrasound had been hurting; I really thought God was speaking through the Gospel to get the message across to her.
I also learned that God...

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