From Past And Present: To Revolution And Struggle

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In the mid nineteenth century, England found themselves in the struggle of the Industrial Revolution. It was a time of uncontrollable technological advancement, producing social and economic conflicts. In 1843, there was a report of one and a half million unemployed in England (out of their current population of eighteen million people). The closing of factories and reduction of wages led to the start of severe rioting in the manufacturing districts. Unemployed angry protesters in those districts caused many observers to dread that a large-scale revolution was about to rise. Thomas Carlyle, a respected writer, after his work on the French Revolution, social critic, and bleak satirist, was so interested by the protesters that he postpones his studies into life and the times of Cromwell, to start his new views on the contemporary crisis. He didn’t believe that all races were created equal, but he supported the organization of labor and emigration. In seven weeks, Carlyle wrote From Past and Present to call for heroic leadership, since the aristocracy was preoccupied with getting wealthier as the labor classes struggled. He was aware that democracy was starting to spread, and it was unavoidable, but he didn’t believe that democracy could produce the heroic leaders he needed. In From Past and Present, Carlyle provides deep meanings to his views on liberty, his ideas of social classes, and his beliefs for the Leaders of Industry. But before his ideas of social classes appeared as well as his Leaders of Industry, he had a strong prospect over Liberty.
Thomas Carlyle, during his time mainly supported Liberty for negroes and individual rights, especially for the working class. In From Past and Present, mainly focuses on the Liberty for the working and labor class. Liberty, as Thomas Carlyle viewed it, “is a Divine thing. Liberty when it becomes the “Liberty to die by starvation” is not so divine!”(Carlyle 1069). Liberty was a right given by God to “some men,” but as Carlyle saw it, he believed God wanted it for all men. The true liberty of a person is to find out their own paths and to walk on their own two feet, to learn or to teach, it is all their own decision to choose and even if sometimes by persuasion, permission, or even compulsion, that is what he truly believes is liberty. He has even stated that everyone has their own liberty. He stated that if “You do not allow a palpable madman to leap over precipices; you violate his liberty, you that are wise; and keep him, were it in strait-waistcoats, away from the precipices! Every stupid, every cowardly and foolish man is but a less palpable madman: his true liberty were that a wiser man, that any and every wiser man” (Carlyle 1069-70) meaning that even if you try to use your liberty and save someone else’s life, you are a fool for ruining his own liberty, of making his own decision of trying to commit suicide. Mordecai Roshwald from Greenwood Press has stated “Liberty has been claimed under diverse...

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